6 Retail Innovations That Will Change The Way You Shop

Retail is suffering. Retailers need to find new ways to keep up with shoppers in the digital age. The omnichannel shopper, as they've come to be known, doesn't have loyalty to a particular retailer and wants a seamless shopping experience across their many devices, on and offline. Following are six

10 LELO Vibrators We Love and So Will You

LELO Mia 2

Top 10 LELO Vibrators LELO is the retailer of luxury sexual products. They've continually expanded their product line to include pleasure objects that are both functional and beautiful and made with the highest quality materials. Luxury isn't just for cars and handbags. You get what you pay for applies to your

10 Hottest Hollywood Actors

Idris Elba

Hot Hollywood actors. Let’s face it, hot men abound in Hollywood, but which ones are the hottest? Well, to answer that most important of questions, I took it upon myself to comb through pictures of some of the hottest of the hot (such a difficult task I know) and narrowed