11 Sex Positions to Help Men Last Longer In Bed

How to last longer in bed

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How To Last Longer In Bed

Having an orgasm to early is a problem for many men across the globe. But how to last longer in bed isn’t only a problem for those who hit the high point too early in the game. Sometimes you may just want the night to continue as long as possible. So whether you’re trying to prevent an early explosion or you’re just looking to extend the evening’s pleasantries, the following are some positions to help make that possible.

1. Missionary Sex Positions

face to face sex positions
No you won’t be setting the sheets on fire while in the missionary position, but if you opt for a more rocking motion as opposed to the standard in and out motion you can lessen the friction on your penis allowing you to last for a longer period of time. Also, missionary makes it easier for you to practice controlling your orgasm by pulling out when you feel near orgasm and holding your penis, letting the moment pass, and return to sexing.

Missionary doesn’t have to be all boring, here are some missionary sex positions you can try. Remember more rocking. Less thrusting. Also start with body-to-body missionary. Sensations become more intense if she lifts her legs or you lift your body. As you become more comfortable work your way up to other variations of missionary:

2. Spoon Sex Positions

Exotic Sex Positions
Spooning is great. It is also a position that doesn’t allow for a lot in and out and requires more of a rocking, back and forth movement. Movements tend to be small and controlled when in the spooning position, allowing you more control of the action and better chance to pace yourself to prevent an early eruption. Some more spooning or other back to front positions to consider:

3. Cowgirl Sex Positions

Cowgirl Sex Positions
Now having a woman on top and be a quick way to make a man orgasm, but if you avoid the up and down thrusting common in the woman on top positions and go for a more rocking, back and forth movement, this can be a great way to extend sexy time. Also having your lady on top is a great way to communicate what you need. You can easily tell her to slow down, speed up or stop as you need to, to prevent the evening from ending early. Here are some cowgirl positions to consider:

Final Thoughts

There you have it, eleven sex positions that show you how to last longer in bed. No need to be embarrassed for finishing too soon. With these positions and some practice, you’ll be a master between the sheets in no time. Now if someone asks “Are you finished?” it will be out of exhaustion and not disappointment


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