10 Best Penis Extensions for a Fuller Longer Penis

Top 10 Penis Extensions & Enhancers

So what if you have a small penis. If your partner is open-minded, penis extensions can fill that much-needed gap – no pun intended! Not only will the extender offer a lengthier, thicker shaft, but some will also even come with a host of additional sensations that your partner will find exhilarating. Penis extensions come in different sizes, designs, and features. We list a few choices below to help you find the right one.

1. Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

We dare you to put on this mega “shclong” under your work clothes for a day. This extender adds an impressive 3 inches extra length to your cock depending on your natural size. It comfortably stays in place throughout your sex session and desensitizes your cock for prolonged lovemaking. This gigantic Mega Mighty monster is the ultimate key to propelling penetration to new heights.

2. Deluxe Vibrating Waterproof Jelly Penis Enhancer

Its probably the most versatile enhancer of the bunch. It features a soft and stretchy penis sleeve that enhances the girth, a vibrator that delivers pulsating sensations and a cock ring that helps you maintain your erection for longer. The heart-shaped lumps are a sweet addition to provide stimulation for your partner.

3. Fat Boy Thin Penis Sleeve

Guaranteed to extend your main man into a Fat, lengthy Boy so you can experience what it feels like to be 8-inches long. It is an amazing and unique extender that grips your penis sturdily while the soft, delightful sleeve offers a realistic feeling to your partner’s inner hot spots. Slip your dildos into the Fat Boy for an incredible solo play session.

4. Magnificent Eleven Dildo and Extension

You can use it as an extender or as a standalone dildo – the Magnificent Eleven is the perfect couple’s sex toy for maximum sexual pleasure. This gentle giant boasts an immense 10-inch length for those that like them big! Its startling realistic appearance is quite arousing. Despite the size, the smooth exterior makes it very easy to insert with enough lubrication.

5. Perfect 1-inch Extension with Ball Strap

If you are the sneaky kind and would like to discreetly slip on an extender before penetrating, this is the gadget for you. It is just the perfect size to add only that little bit of length and girth required to make your lover moan. With its superior realistic feel and texture, your partner might never know the difference. Because the sleeve inhibits you from many of the sensations, you are able to last longer even when you are flaccid.

6. Tommy Gunn Power Suction Cyberskin Penis Extension

What do you do when you’ve got Tommy Gunn’s Stamina and a not so sizeable dick? You get yourself the Tommy Gunn Power Suction Extender and give this veteran porn star a run for his money. The penis extension offers an impressive additional length and a massive 3-inch thickness to your penis guaranteed to fill your partner up. The soft sleeve grips the penis well without the need to use straps. The inside of the sleeve is designed to offer you a decent amount of pleasure too.

7. Adonis Extension

Bigger is always better and this extender goes to prove just that. With added thickness and 2-inch length, you will certainly have more to work with. The sleeve is jelly-like, soft, clear and textured – designed fit over your penis securely. The exaggerated head, the ticklers underneath and nubs down the shaft provide a magical sensation.

8. Cock Master Extension Sleeve

It is simple, easy to wear and adds electrifying sensations to an intimate lovemaking session. However, Cock Master is responsible for plenty of the loud moaning coming from your lover. With every thrust, you sink a massive 10.5-inch cock inside them. Watching your partner squirm with pleasure will never be the same.

9. Real-Feel Penis Extension

This is a; one size fits most extender. It is simple, lifelike and adds the much needed extra length and girth to your natural penis. The soft, stretchy sleeve conforms to the shape of your penis and warms up to your body temperature. It is dual purpose meaning you can slip your favorite dildo into the Real-Feel extension and work your way to a delicious climax.

10. XTend It Kit Realistic Penis Extender in White

For an average size penis, this extender will, without doubt, propel it up to above average proportions. The exterior is so realistic that it is virtually undetectable to touch – you can actually wear it and pretend it is your real dick! The Xtend It extender offers three possible extension options for a thicker, more satisfying length. Always use a great quality water-based lube with all extenders for maximum pleasure.

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