Top 10 Lifesize Male Masturbators

Over the recent years, the demand for male sex toys has increased surprisingly. This might be because they are not considered taboo anymore. The manufacturers and companies have invested a lot in finding out the most realistic sex toys, which is one of the key features of a good male masturbator.

There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind while choosing the masturbator that fits your needs. From size and tightness to temperature and posture. This article gathers some of the most popular toys and their individual characteristics so that it is much easier to understand their uses and functions.
These are some of the best lifesize male masturbators at the moment.

RealisticAss –LifesizedVibratingMasturbator
This lifesized masturbator is 10,20 inches wide and 9,00 inches long. You can heat the masturbator in hot water to get a more realistic experience.
The most remarkable aspect of it is that it is phthalate-free, meaning they haven’t used softeners or esters in the manufacture of the toy. Moreover, it includes a bullet vibrator that provides multiplespeeds.

X5 RearEcstasyLifeSizedMasturbator Beige
There is a reason why the X5 makes it to the list of some of the best lifesize male masturbators. To begin with, it is a pocket-friendly toy as it costs a paltry $86.79.

It is a little bit wider that the Realistic Ass mentioned above as it is 13.00 inches. Moreover, it is phthalate-free and provides two entries. They use X5 highly realistic materials to recreate the womanhood.

SexfleshJuicy Jennifer LifeSizeMasturbator
SexFlesh Brand gave a huge step up from their latest version with this real life sized masturbator that is 12.00 inches wide and 20.00 long.
It is designed in such a way that you can insert a bullet vibrator inside of it, which is not included in the pack, so that you can to enjoy the most of the masturbator. Moreover, it is totally phthalate-free and offers two different entries.

Hot Chocolate – LusciousTiana – VibratingLifeSizedAss – Chocolate
This chocolate colored masturbator is 9.00 inches long and 10.25 inches wide. It weights 4.21 lbs and is made out of phthalate-free materials. The masturbator is TPR/TPE, which means it is hypoallergenic and it can easily be cleaned with common soap and warm water.
The vaginal and anal canals are ribbed in the inside to maximize the pleasure. It costs $89.29.

LifeSizeBodyBanger Beige
This is a handcrafted life-size body that costs $769.59 is 25.00 inches long and 12.50 wide. Apart from being phthalate free, it has a multi-speed mechanism and provides double entry.
Moreover, the vibrator is balanced and has no changes on the pattern. You will only need 2 AA batteries to get the masturbator’s vibrator to work.

Sexflesh Down In Daphne LifeSizePussy And AssMasturbator
This masturbator weights 20,6lbs and is 13.00 inches wide and 14.00 inches long. The natural colored toy has no vibrator and it isn’t adapted to insert a bullet vibrator but is made out of an evolutionary material that feels like real skin.
One important aspect to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to use oil-based lubricants in this masturbator. To avoid deterioration in quality and performance, apply water or silicon-based lubricants.

LusciousVibratingAss Beige Bulk
This masturbator comes with an incorporated bullet vibrator; you will need 2 AA batteries to make it work. The masturbator will only cost you $67.09.
Apart from that, it is not only phthalate -free but also the materials they use to make the toy are totally eco-friendly. Moreover, it is made out of X5, which makes it look and feel even more realistic.

Pipedream Extreme Mega F*ckSlut Mega Masturbator
This 14.00 inches wide and 25.00 inches long masturbator is made out of a mixture of phthalate-free TPR and TPE material.
This will make it feel like real skin. The only downside of the masturbator is that it can’t be submerged in water. Pipedream Extreme Toyz manufactures the masturbator and it comes at a cost of $1674.39.

This Life sized masturbator has a vibrator incorporated that can be changed to multiple speeds. It is 9.00 inches wide, 14.00 inches long and weights 20,06 lbs. It costs $501.89 and apart from this, you will only need two AA batteries and a lubricant.
And it totally does not matter the type of lubricant you prefer to use. Water-based lubes are allowed as well as oil or silicone-based ones.

Big AssVibratingPussyMasturbator Beige
This life sized masturbator is 8.00 inches wide and 9.00 inches long. It includes a vibrator with a constant pattern that requires 2 AA batteries. It has two entry holes that are easy and fast to clean due to their exit holes.

This pack includes some Fanta Flesh Revive Powder, anti bacterial cleaner and moist lotion. This realistic masturbator is one of the most popular lifesize male masturbators and costs $108.09.


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