Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve Review

Stay Hard Stroke Sleve

About Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve

Men, are you looking for a new way to bring yourself to orgasm? Well, the Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve by Blush Novelties is just waiting for you to add some lube and let its teasing ticklers and slightly ribbed walls give you sensations that just can’t be beat.

stay hard stroke sleeve

Design & Features

This stretchy male stroker accommodates all shapes and sizes.  It has a length of 5.5. inches, all of which is insertable, and is very lightweight at just 3.52 ounces. The Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve features a textured interior with teasing ticklers and slightly ribbed walls, adding an extra sensation to your masturbation routine, making your orgasms even more intense.

Materials & Texture

The Stroke Sleeve is made of phthalates-free Thermoplastic Elastomers  or TPE. The jelly material gives the Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve a realistic feel, making it feel (almost) like the real thing.

While TPE is a common sex toy material, the problem with it is that it can be highly porous, meaning bacteria can get trapped in the toy making it near impossible to clean thoroughly and potentially causing serious infections if you continue to use it.

If the Stroke Sleeve becomes discolored or starts to retain an odor, get rid of it immediately. While a fun sex toy it is best to think of it as a disposable one that you will have to replace sooner rather than later.

Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve

Performance & Use

The Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve can be used for solo play or with your partner for couples fun. It is a great turn on to use with your partner, particularly because it its clear design and that added naughtiness will just help you perform like the stud you’ve dreamed of being. You and your partner watching your cock in action will lead you both to an intense release unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Care & Maintenance

Blush NoveltiesStay Hard Stroke Sleeve is easy to clean. First, both ends are open for easy use and clean up. Next, all you need to use to clean the stroker is warm water and soap, or for an extra cleaning a sex toy cleaner of your choice. Clean after every use and, because of the jelly material, store the Stroke Sleeve away from your other sex toys in a clean, cool, dry space.

Final Thoughts

Make it thicker, last longer, and feel stronger with the Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve from Blush Novelties. Stroking can be a visual simulator for your or your partner. And watching as your erection swells and pulses inside the translucent sleeve makes it worth the purchase alone.

Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve Pros

  • Portable
  • Textured inside
  • Both sides open
  • Transparent
  • Great price

Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve Cons

  • Made of jelly
  • Likely very porous
  • Small

Customer Reviews

Rating: [s3r star=5/5] 
Excellent toy
I went on a trip and wanted something compact and easy to clean not knowing much about male toys. I am amazed how this works with a good body lube. The inside nubs massaged the entire shaft and when held tight it was wonderful. Once I was ready I slipped it inside out and the smooth side felt even better. Finishing off is easy as I just slipped it up some to catch the ejaculation and then a very simple wash in the sink in warm water. I can not recommend it enough for the feeling and price.

Rating: [s3r star=5/5] 
Fine travel jacker
I have had several of these and they are easy to conceal while traveling by air and can be worn on your penis while going through check points and are east to use and clean afterwards.

Rating: [s3r star=5/5] 
Simple, effective, low maintenance
This one is great because it is not too bulky like some of the artificial flesh toys. It’s flexible enough to squeeze the shaft for a good sensation, but it’s not too squishy like the artificial flesh, so it’s easy to control and slide up and down the entire length of the shaft, or just over the tip. The little fingers inside help keep the lube well distributed. Also, it is easy to clean because it turns inside out easily. Since your penis can point out of the other end, you can even ejaculate onto a paper towel if you want–less messy that way, however semen cleans easily off since you will have it lubed up. It’s the most compact toy as well, and doesn’t have a strange alien appearance like some of the flesh toys. Next time I order I’m going to get two. I’ve heard of people flipping this thing inside out to slide over the penis for vaginal sex too, so multiple uses.

Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve Summary

Stay Hard Stroke Sleeve


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