Fantasy X-Tensions 9-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension Review

Fantasy X-Tensions 9-Inch Hollow Silicone Extension

About the Fantasy X-Tensions 9-Inch Silicone Extension

This is a classic must-have for any guy looking to temporarily increase his size, without having to go through any procedures, take any pills or use any enhancers.

Although it works a little differently from your average penis extension by Fantasy X-Tensions, this 9-Inch Silicone Extension can still rock your partner’s world, and it requires virtually no effort to use.

Sporting a total of 9-inches in length, this extension is considered quite massive: so, it comes as no surprise that a harness is included in the set, just to make sure that it fits around the waist and stays on securely.

Design & Features

Fantasy X-Tension decided upon a realistic look, so you can expect to find this naughty number available in flesh pink. It looks just like the real thing and feels like the real thing when you strap it on.

The harness is elastic enough to support up to 50’’ waist size, and the metal O-ring fits your base just perfectly. It is 2.3-inches wide and the inner diameter is 1.6-inch wide, so is meant to accommodate most, if not all of the sizes.

Materials & Texture

Rather than opting for Fanta Flesh, Fantasy X-Tensions went with Silicone this time. It doesn’t take away from the realism, it’s still soft in all the right places and hard where it matters, but the upside of silicone is that it is non-porous and 100 percent body safe.

It contains no latex or phthalates, and though it might be a little different from what you’re used to, it’s still perfectly safe and comfortable to enjoy. The silicone padding on the inside of the sleeve makes it feel comfortable and natural to wear, while still holding things in place, right where they should be.

Performance & Use

There is nothing more straightforward than this Fantasy X-tensions 9-Inch Silicone Extension. Secure the harness around your waist, slip the O-ring on the base of the extension, insert your penis into the hollow sleeve and you’re good to go. A word of advice is that not all receivers out there are used to sizes this big.

You aslos have factor in how this penis extension not only increases your size but your girth, as well. You will feel overall thicker and bigger to your partner, so if they are not used to it, it might not be a bad idea to be generous with the lube at first.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a good time, the Fantasy X-tensions 9-Inch Silicone Extension is going to deliver. Your partner is going to love it, it’s convenient and easy to put on and clean, so it’s all pretty straightforward. It’s a great, fun sex toy to add to your sex life, especially for someone who is new to the concept of penis extensions.

Fantasy X-Tension 9″ Extension Pros

  • Instantly strap on a massive upgrade
  • Elastic harness can accommodate many waist sizes
  • Can be used with virtually any lubricant
  • Realistically designed down to every detail
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

Fantasy X-Tension 9″ Extension Cons

  • Does not come with its own lubricant and sex toy cleaner
  • Wearing the harness might feel unnatural to beginners
  • The silicone does a good job, but Fanta Flesh would have been better


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