Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve Review

Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

About Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

The Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve is an all-in-one penis enhancement system guaranteed to spice up your sex life.

It gives you more length and girth and enhances your sexual performance, letting you take the throne in the bedroom.

The Magic Pleasure Sleeve is a two-way sex toy, meaning you can use it for solo pleasuring as well as with a partner.

If size has always been a problem for you but you are not ready to explore the expensive  and risky world of pills, then this Fantasy X-Tension Sleeve is an inexpensive, safe and effective way to get your little man soaring.

Besides helping you enhance the size of your penis for a fuller feeling and deeper penetration, it also helps you have better control over your ejaculation.

It does not matter what your size is, this sleeve when used correctly, will kick up your sexual performance.

Design and Features

The Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve resembles a condom and is worn over the penis in the same way.

It comes measuring 5.5 inches long and with an inner diameter of 1.25 inches and overall width of 1.8 inches.

The length, however, can be adjusted to suit your needs with a simple trim.

Both ends of the sheath are open, one to allow the penis go through and the other to expose the sensitive head of the penis so that you can still enjoy every sensation while thrusting.

Materials and Texture

The Magic Pleasure Sleeve is made from Thermoplastic Rubber that is Phthalate free, making it safe for use even for vaginal penetration.

The material is also quite flexible, comfortable and easy to care for. While the inside of the sleeve is smooth and soft, the outside has a studded texture, for extra stimulation to your partner during stimulation.

Performance and Use

To wear the Pleasure Sleeve, just slip it on like a condom and you are set. It enhances sensation which makes you very responsive to any kind of stimulation.

For this reason, it may feel a little too tight when you first wear it, but adding some lube should help loosen it up for a firm but comfortable fit.

As mentioned earlier, the Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve can be used for solo play and with a partner.

To spice up things during solo play you can turn it inside out and use it as a stroker.

Care and Maintenance

The Magic Pleasure Sleeve comes with free lube and sex toy cleaner. Simply use the sex toy cleaner and warm water to clean it, and then it dry before next use.

Avoid boiling it in water or exposure to extreme heat such as the microwave.

Fantasy Magic Sleeve Pros

  • Helps with premature ejaculation
  • It artificially enlarges your penis
  • The open end allows you more sensation as the head is fully exposed, especially when a condom is not used.
  • It is easy to use and care for

Fantasy Magic Sleeve Cons  

  • Does not offer STD or pregnancy protection
  • Has limited use

Final Thoughts

The Fantasy X-Tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve is a great sex toy for those that want to spice up their solo performance as well as enhance pleasure for their partners during lovemaking.

It is simple to use and great for beginners and the more experienced.


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