PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator

PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator

About PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator

Nothing beats the soft, velvety feel of the PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator.

Voted among the best sex toys of 2017, this Silicone Stimulator is made specifically to arouse the frenulum located along the underside of your penis for a mind-blowing masturbation expereince.

For a seasoned sexual thrill seeker, the Silicone Vibrating Stimulator is a must-have sex toy that will provide a fundamentally different sexual experience than hand masturbation gives.

The PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator scores high on sexual gratification and orgasmic intensity. Stimulating your prostate using this vibrator can offer plenty of health benefits as well as increase your sexual drive.

Design & Features

The soft and flexible silicone tightly envelops the penis shaft with incredible vibrating pleasure. The high-quality expert silicone design is flexible and alloe\ws for a custom fit.

The PDX Vibrating Stimulator is extremely bendable to accommodate any size shaft. It has a seductive extra smooth silicone feel made that elevates your sexual experience.

The Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator is silky smooth to the touch, gentle on your sensitive parts and durable. It is only available in black.

Materials & Texture

This masturbator is made from silicone – a hypoallergenic and body-safe material.

It is suitable for all men even those with skin sensitivity or allergies. It is free of Phthalates, latex and other toxic materials.

The silicone material used is also non-porous making it safe to use with water-based lubricants. The masturbator retains no detectable odor.

PDX Elite Silicone Vibrating Stimulator

Performance & Use

With the PDX Elite Vibrating Stimulator, you can tighten your grip on your shaft and experience your full orgasmic potential as you derive pleasure from the ribbed insides and stimulating pleasure bump.

The silicone vibrator is sturdy yet soft and resistant to wear and tear. With just a press of a button, the removable bullet activates a super strong, stimulating vibration.

The single speed motor runs on a single AAA battery that operates the powerful vibrator.

Care & Maintenance

The PDX Silicone Vibrating Stimulator is very easy to clean with just soap and warm water and sterilize by boiling or putting it in a dishwasher.

DO NOT submerge the vibrator in water especially the parts that hold the batteries. It is designed to last long with proper care.

For men wishing to use the vibrator with more than one person at a time, it is wise to always put a condom over the toy to avoid the spread of any STD’s.

Final Thoughts

The PDX Elite Vibrating Stimulator is an ideal sex toy that will help you enjoy sexual stimulation and pleasure whether your penis is fully erect or flaccid. Using a PDX Vibrating Stimulator is also a sure way to improve your sexual performance.

PDX Elite Vibrating Stimulator Pros

  • Incredibly bendable with a ribbed texture and soft feel
  • Powerful sensual vibration
  • Low noise to keep your business private
  • Convenient to carry on long trips
  • Odorless, non-toxic and 100% sanitary
  • Waterproof

PDX Elite Vibrating Stimulator Cons

  • Batteries may not last long
  • When batteries are left in the toy, they can corrode and consequently destroy the vibrator

PDX Elite Vibrating Stimulator Video

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