Red Boy Anal Wand Review

Red Boy Anal Wand

 About the Red Boy Anal Wand

Doc Johnson’s Red Boy 8 inch anal wand offers the ultimate in anal stimulation. The Red Boy line by Doc Johnson is a sexy collection of butt plugs, dildos, anal wands that and strap-ons made to be the ultimate pleasure tools for you and your partner.

Material & Texture

The Red Boy line anal wand is made from non-phthalate, body safe material, which includes Doc’s antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. The 8 inch anal wand is made of Doc Johnson’s flexible, yet firm Red Boy plastic.

The material allows for the wand to stay rock hard while still bending and flexing according to your needs and positioning. This ringed anal wand is ribbed along the entire tube, each ring slightly larger than the last, giving it a feel similar to anal beads. With the sturdy stopper at the end, the Red Boy ling Anal Wand makes a great beginner butt plug for those just starting out.

Design & Features

The Red Boy Anal Wand is 8 inches of a strong and sturdy, soft rubber with graduated ripples and a flared base. Width ranges from 1-1.5 inches. It has a 6.75 inches of insertable length, making it a great as a beginning butt plug. This these sturdy butt plugs can take whatever you can dish out and more.

The wand can be used as a anal probe or butt plug. Though as a plug it’s likely best for a newbie and not a more experienced user. As an anal probe it works well for deep thrusting and the bumps give the most intense sensation ever. The sturdy base means you don’t have to worry about the wand getting lost in the rectum and gives you something to hold on to while thrusting.

Performance and Use

This toy feels amazing! The ridges are a nice size and graduate well, and you’re able to get more and more of it inside your rectum. For the more advanced you will be able to get the entire length inside of you and for the novice you will have something to work towards as you continue to use the wand. The base is nice and big and is easy to hold onto when using it.

The Red Boy And Wand has just the right amount of flex and rigidity. It’s firm enough for easy insertion and so you know it’s there, but soft enough to conform to your body so you can move it around without it hurting. The graduated ridges feel great as you insert it, giving you that full filling as you make your way to the base.

Care & Maintenance

The Red Boy Anal wand is easy to clean. The smooth red rubber just requires some warm soap and water to clean. You can use some Doc Johnson anti-bacterial toy cleaner to clean and sanitize the wand for best results. However, since the Red Boy Rubber may be porous, you may not be able to completely rid the wand of all bacteria regardless of how well you clean. Just to be safe, store the wand away from your other toys and if their is any discoloration or it develops an odd smell dispose of it immediately.

Final Thoughts

The Red Boy anal wand by Doc Johnson is a great toy that gives added sensations because of its graduated design. It works as both a wand and a butt plug and is good for the novice and more advanced anal explorer. As a butt plug, the Red Boy Anal Wand is best suited for newbies, but works great as a wand for newbies and the more advanced alike.


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