Apollo Automatic Power Pump Review

Apollo Automatic Power Pump

About Apollo Automatic Power Pump

Bigger is better is a common belief among most men. Are you looking forward to spicing up your bedroom life? A size eight penis with a long-lasting erection is all you need to realize your California dreams.

Can you have a bigger dick with harder erections?

Don’t listen to them theorizing this…you are in the perfect place to get your penis to that exact size you have always wished for.

Modern inventions have made it completely possible to increase your penis size in less than a month without swallowing those life-threatening tablets from the local quack.

How does Apollo Automatic Power Pump improve your sex life?

Getting faster and frequent orgasms is the epitome of the whole lovemaking process. To achieve this you need a combination of penis size stamina. The Apollo Automatic Power Pump is exactly designed to give you a perfect combination of both stamina and size. This is not any other penis pump; it offers you a memorable experience evey time you use it.

Why is Apollo Automatic Power Pump your ultimate penis pump?

Make your girlfriend’s constant sex cravings come true in less than a months’ time. Our device will spice up your love life by:

  1. Ensuring long lasting harder erections
  2. Improving stamina
  3. Ensuring intense and frequent orgasms

Design & Features

The Apollo Automatic Power Pump is precisely engineered in a sleek design to fully satisfy your lifetime sexual desires.

This Automatic Power Pump penis pump is designed to engage your penis under safe pressure just by the press of a button. It comes loaded with opening extension to accommodate your penis size. Meant to enhance your member’s size Apollo‘s clear cylinder is precisely calibrated so that you can easily evaluate gradual penis enlargement.

Apollo comes loaded with a number of features for safe penis enlargement:

  1. Polycarbonate clear cylinder
  2. 2.5′ inner base diameter
  3. 9.25’Maximum usable length
  4. Digital controller with a LED indicator
  5. Powerful electronic mortar for safe suction
  6. Soft TPR gaskets
  7. Custom made to fit most men

Material and Texture

Unlike other sex toys which are made from skin threatening rubber, Apollo Automatic Power Pump has a silicone vacuum lines and soft TPR sleeves which pose no threat to your skin ensuring lifelong service.

Its clear polycarbonate pump cylinder makes this device look sleek and easy to clean. Texturing is also added to the cylinder for maximum grip when your hands become slippery with lube.

Performance & Use

Operating this penis pump is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is put batteries in the pump controller. After adding batteries,  add some lube at the suction cylinder opening.

Now you are almost done. Gently push the power button and the next time you will realize it you’ll be cumming. Its a powerful device that –  in seconds – will suck your penis into the cylinder and magically you will start getting hard.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the Apollo Automatic Power Pump is quite simple.  After you are through using Apollo just remove the sleeve then use warm water and soap to wash the penis pump. After that leave it to completely dry (don’t sundry) and store in a cool dry place.

Apollo Automatic Power Pump Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Maximum but safe suction
  • Pumps fast
  • It is highly effective

Apollo Automatic Power Pump Cons

  • A possibility of sleeve splitting
  • Suction cylinder looks relatively cheap

Final Thoughts

This Power Pump by Apollo is an amazing penis pump great at increasing your penis size. It’s one device that will give you the needed help if you have problems with getting hard. This device also maximizes your orgasms giving you complete ecstasy during the whole process.

The sleeve did split when using and good replacement sleeves are hard to come by. You can use it with a split sleeve though the results won’t be quite the same. Something to keep in mind when buying the Apollo Automatic Power Pump.

Buy the Apollo Automatic Power Pump Today.

Apollo Automatic Power Pump Video

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