Embrace Body Wand Massager Review

Embrace Body Wand Massager

About Embrace Body Wand Massager

The Embrace Body Wand Massager is a soft, silky, premium silicone body massager with amazing power. It has functions of vibration and pulsation that can’t be beat.

It’s rechargeable and waterproof and unlike any other body massagers we’ve tried or heard of, both ends vibrate.

Each end’s vibrations have a different feel and if you have end on simultaneously, whichever end you use gets an extra boost of power. As far as massager‘s go, the Embrace Body Wand Massager is damn near perfect.

Design & Features

The vibrating from both ends will be a feature you can’t get enough of. You can get the great clitoral stimulation of a standard massager, while using the opposite end for more penetrative activities.

The silicone body is incredibly smooth, and with the dual motors this Embrace Massager offers up a pretty powerful punch. It’s also priced really well for a luxury body massager, making it a nice option for those who want a high-end massager, but not the high-end massager price.

The Embrace Body Wand Massager measures 8.5″ in length without considering the curve to the handle. The head is flexible at the neck and is 6.25″ circumference. The handle curves until it is brought to a tapered and rounded edge.

Also, the handle would only be insertable up to 3.5″ before you would run into the charging port, which is located mid-handle below the two buttons. The buttons are outlined in the sliver plated plastic, but they are actually silicone themselves.

Materials & Texture

The Embrace Body Wand Massager is made of silicone with decorative silver ABS plastic lining.

The wand comes in gray or pink and is phthalate free. The silicone Cal Exotics uses with the Body Wand is buttery soft and smooth.

It doesn’t drag, has no smell, isn’t prone to lint collection and feels amazing. While not quite on LELO’s level, it comes very close.

Embrace Body Wand Massager

Performance & Use

The Embrace Body Wand Massager is controlled with two buttons one to control each end of the wand. The button closest to an end is the end it controls. Each button offers the same level of functions, speeds and patterns: 7 functions. 3 speeds. 4 patterns.

Each click of the button takes you to the next function and once you hit the last one it will cycle back to the first creating a continuous loop. You turn the vibrations off by holding the button until the LED light shuts off.

The vibrations are deep and rumbly. If you like powerful vibrations, you’ll love the Embrace Body Wand.

Because it is primarily for external use (you can insert the smaller end, but it won’t go far as mentioned above), the vibrations may be too much for some when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

For those who are more sensitive, try it on low and see if that works for you, before moving to the higher setting.

The Embrace is not quiet, or particularly discreet, so don’t use it in a setting where you can be found out unless that’s your goal of course. It’s also 100% waterproof so it’s perfect for solo bath time.

Unfortunately, you can’t use both ends at the same time, but a little back and forth action can give you the benefits of the big massager end for stimulating your clitoris, and the smaller, slimmer end for more internal action.

Care & Maintenance

Charge time takes 2 hours each time. The Embrace Body Wand Massager will run on low for 120 minutes or 100 minutes on high.

As previously mentioned the charging port is midway up the body of the Embrace Body Wand, and can initially be hard to locate.

Because it’s made of silicone and ABS plastic simply cleaning it with some warm soap and water or sex toy disinfectant wipes should do the job.

Embrace Body Wand Pros

  • Can use both ends
  • Dual Motors
  • Made of silicone

Embrace Body Wand Cons

  • Can’t used both ends simultaneously
  • Silicone has a bit of a drag

Final Thoughts

There isn’t much to dislike about the Embrace Body Wand Massager. It is one of the more innovative massagers on the market.

It was made with excellent attention to detail and uses a high-quality silicone most often seen on higher priced luxury toys.

Also, for the price, it is arguably the most affordable luxury massager on the market. It’s an excellent addition to any sex toy collection.

Buy the Embrace Body Wand Massager Today.

Embrace Body Wand Massager Review

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