Colt Mighty Mouth Masturbator Review

colt mighty mouth

About Colt Mighty Mouth Masturbator

The Colt Mighty Mouth is a powerful, vibrating masturbator that allows for hands-free action while delivering otherworldly orgasms. This Vibrating pleasure stroker has a deep throat, noduled chamber for added sensations. It’s also 100% waterproof and entirely self-contained. Its internal sleeves textured insides feel like licking tongues flickering against your penis as you thrust your way to the finish line.

Design & Features

The Colt Mighty Mouth brings some needed innovation to an otherwise stale masturbator market. The sleek design isn’t grotesque or offensive as many masturbators tend to be. It doesn’t advertise itself as a vagina replacement, it’s powerful, and the textured internal chamber allows for a truly pleasurable experience that you can have all while doing something (or someone) else with your hands. And you get all of this at a reasonable price.

As it’s the end of your penis that’s the most sensitive, the Mighty Mouth‘s design has located its vibrations perfectly. It has over 30 vibration patterns that hit “the spot” perfectly and manage not to be loud or distracting. The insert sleeve has a fantastic texture, it’s not too tight or too loose, and works perfectly with the vibrator located inside.

Materials & Texture

The Colt Mighty Mouth is made of TPR/TPE, and while it is listed as being Phthalates free, this kind of rubber is known to contain Phthalates which can be harmful to the skin. It also has a silicone button and ABS plastic casing, which is completely body safe.

It has a multi-textured inside that provides a variety of sensations when coupled with the toy’s many vibrations. Also, the sleeve texture doesn’t produce a significant amount of noise.

The sleeve of the Mighty Mouth is described as being tight, for some too tight, but if you enjoy a snug fit from your masturbators than the Mighty Mouth will not disappoint. Customers describe the texture of the inside of the Colt Mighty Mouth as feeling wonderful with amazing sensations gripping your penis as you slide inside.

Colt Mighty Mouth

Performance & Use

The toy is well made, and the rubber casing is durable and doesn’t wear even with rough play. The best part about the Mighty Mouth is its hands-free control. The included hands fee suction cup swivel mount allows to multi-task while getting stroked to a powerful orgasm.

As far as performance, the Mighty Mouth creates a slow build to the big orgasm. The orgasm with the Colt Mighty Mouth is intense and strong. Some complain that the tight entry dries out their penis, so lubing at was regular intervals might be required if you’re using the Mighty Mouth for prolonged periods of time.

Care & Maintenance

One of common concern with the Mighty Mouth is that it would make a mess and be difficult to clean. Luckily, that is not the case. After you’re done using the Colt, it is very easy to clean. The removable sleeve is easy to clean, simple warm soap and water will do.

Mighty Mouth Pros

  • Allows for hands-free action.
  • Textured inside.
  • Powerful.

Mighty Mouth Cons

  • Made of TPR/TPE
  • Possibly isn’t Phthalate free

Final Thoughts

The hands-free nature of the Colt Mighty Mouth puts it a step above typical masturbator. This feature takes the vibrating masturbator from being a toy for solo activity to one that can easily be a couples activity. You’ll also love the price. For the many features and the quality design of the Colt Mighty Mouth, it’s under $70 price tag is another big reason to love (and buy) this high-end blow job masturbator.

All in all, for the money that you pay for the Mighty Mouth, and the features you receive, it truly is amazing masturbator and worth every penny. It’s the perfect present or personal buy, for intense orgasms, and the possibilities fro truly leg-shaking orgasms.

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