Basix 12-Inch Dong With Suction Cup Review

Basix 12-Inch Dong With Suction Cup

About Basix 12-Inch Dong With Suction Cup

Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber made in the USA. The American-made rubber Basix 12-Inch Dong With Suction Cup is 100 percent phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic.

Design & Features

Thick, long, and satisfying, the Basix 12″ Dong with Suction Cup is a realistic dildo that features a flared head and prominent testicles. It is realistic in size, shape, and feel. Designed for advanced users seeking large penetration and for women who crave a realistic dildo with balls.

This Big Boy Toy is a whole lot in a simple package. it’s veined, wrinkled, and textured like a real cock, including some hefty balls. It also has a nice weight to it, so you get that full feeling when using in addition to its nice length and girth. Pipedream aways seems to come up with some fantastic products for great prices.

Materials & Texture

The texture adds to the pleasure, feeling very close to the real thing. However, while being phthalates and latex-free, the PVC material is likely porous. Porous sex toys can allow bacteria to become trapped inside the sex toy and lead to possible infections because you can’t clean it properly after each use.

Performance & Use

It has an insertable length of a little over 10-Inch, and a diameter of a little over 4.5-Inches making this dildo a lot to handle. The suction cup is very, very strong, gripping the edge of my tub with gusto, it held on like a trooper through the rigorous workout I gave it. With some lube, and lots of clit stimulation, this dildo will fill you to the brim, and then some.

Care & Maintenance

You want to wash with warm water and soap, as well as use a sex toy cleaner (Universal Toy Cleaner is a good option) to clean the Basix 12″ Dong with Suction Cup. Since the toy is likely porous, there’s a chance that no amount of cleaning will remove all of the bacteria from the toy. So if you notice any discoloration or funky odors trash the toy immediately.

Basix 12-Inch Pros

  • Good size
  • Realistic Shape
  • Real feel

Basix 12-Inch Cons

  • Likely porous
  • Not good for beginners
  • Not good for anal with no stopper

Final Thoughts

The Basix 12-Inch Dong with Suction Cup is just another quality product from Pipedream. Remember, this toy is classified as a LARGE dildo, so please be sure that this size is something you want to undertake. This dildo is not for beginners due to its size. However, if you’re experienced, and looking for something simple, versatile, easy to care for, and a quality product, it’s clear that this one should be on your list.

Buy the Basix 12-Inch Dong with Suction Cup Today.

Basix 12-Inch Dong With Suction Cup

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