Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer Review

Real Feel Twin Teazer

About Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer

A versatile sex toy that helps users explore sex and sexuality like never before, the Fantasy X-Tensions Penis Extensions are specially tailored to enhance sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer

As part of the Fantasy X-Tensions family, the Real Feel Twin Teazer increases the size of your pleasure rod.

The dimensions of the Real Feel Twin Teazer are 6-inches in length, 1.6-inches in width, and an average weight of 7 ounces. The penis enhancer helps with issues related to erectile dysfunction as it allows you to always complete “the race” in good time with a mind-boggling orgasm.

Design & Features

This is a premium sex toy best defined by its unique features that enhance sexual pleasure without putting your health at risk. This particular tool comes with an ergonomically designed sheath that includes both ball and clit stimulation.

The Fanta-Flesh material feels like the real thing and no matter what angle or position your prefer the Real Feel Twin Teazer hits all the right spots just like the real thing would.

The detailing and texture are specially designed to enhance pleasure, and the use of Fanta-Flesh enhances that real feel feeling.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your penis is because this particular Fantasy-X Extension comes with customizable sleeves so that you easily adjust it for the right fit.

In fact, you don’t need to struggle at all because a secure fit is guaranteed by the ball strap ensuring at least a 33% increase in girth. An easy to use remote control makes changing the five vibration speeds and accessing the multiple patterns a breeze.

The Twin Teazer is your best bet if you want a sex toy user who cherishes simultaneous penis, ball, and clitoral stimulation its a win-win situation for all partners.

Materials & Texture

The Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer has an inner diameter of 1.2-inches, length of 6-inches and diameter of 1.6-inches, guaranteeing maximum pleasure.

The toy is a 100% phthalates free, but Fanta Flesh is known to be porous which raises some concerns about the overall safety of the Twin Teazer.

If a persistent odor develops or discoloration occurs throw the Twin Teazer away immediately.

Performance & Use

There are a number of benefits associated with this particular penis extension. It’s ergonomically designed with an open end that leads to more pleasurable encounters.

The sleeve adds a level of intensity allowing you better control while in action. Also, the two waterproof bullets are great for not just giving you pleasure, but your partner as well.

Real Feel Twin Teazer 03

Care & Maintenance

If you need it, the Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer works with silicone or water-based lubricants.  To extend the lifespan of this particular sex toy always clean with soap and water and store in a cool, dry place. Since Fanta Flesh can be porous, store the Twin Teazer away from your other sex toys.

The Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer is recommended for those who suffer erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. If you want to better your sex life and increase the pleasure of your partner as well, the Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer is just the right penis enhancer to get that done.

Pros of Real Feel Twin Teazer

  • Both partners enjoy sexual stimulation
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and maintain

Cons of Real Feel Twin Teazer

  • Some people with an extremely large penis might find it doesn’t fit
  • Uses batteries. Not rechargeable
  • Potentially porous

Real Feel Twin Teazer Summary


Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Twin Teazer


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