Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Hollow Silicone Extension Review

Fantasy X-Tension 8-inch Hollow Extension

About Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension

The Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension is a product designed to solve your sexual frustrations by adding length and girth to your penis in an easy and convenient way.

It is a favourable alternative to taking pills or undergoing medical procedures that bear risks, but without guarantee for success.

The Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension will boost your confidence and performance in bed, allowing you to satisfy your partner while you enjoy every bit of it as well.

It is a great penis extension for men suffering from erectile dysfunctions or those that feel they are inadequately endowed. With a simple design and real-like features, the extender blends in with your penis, allowing it work jas it is supposed to.

Design & Features

The Fantasy X-Tensions 8″ Silicone Hollow Extension is shaped like the dream penis of every man; it has the length, the girth, and most importantly has the right feel for enhanced pleasure.

It comes with stretchy adjustable straps attached to a 2.2mm O-ring that holds it in place during sexual play so there is no worry about it falling off.

The hollow interior remains smooth for easy wearing and to facilitate maximum comfort to the wearer, there is a Luv Touch coating, which enhances how it feels against your penis.

Additionally, the hollow space is extra-large and measures 1.6 inches, which will accommodate most sizes without trouble.

Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Hollow Silicone Extension

Materials & Texture

Fantasy X-tensions Hollow Extension is made from Phthalate free silicone that is also free from latex. This makes it safe and easy to care for.

The head is tapered for easy insertion and the rest of the length is veined for increased arousal.

The material is waterproof and therefore the toy is submersible without fear of damage.

Performance & Use

For the best experience, the penis extension should be used with a generous amount of water-based lube on the inner as well as outer surface. There is a sample lubricant provided with it, and this allows you to easily slip it on and to penetrate your partner.

When properly worn, the Fantasy X-Tensions 8-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension offers the ultimate sexual experience as it allows you penetrate deeper and with a fuller feel, thus increased sensitivity.

Care & Maintenance

The 8-Inch Silicone Extension comes with a sex toy cleaner, which is used with only warm water to clean it. Make sure to clean both the inside and outside carefully and then allow it to dry before next use.

It is advisable to only use the provided cleaner as other agents may damage the extension or cause harm to you. Always store the extension appropriately once it is cleaned to avoid damage or contamination.

Final Thoughts

If your partner fancies deeper and fuller penetration type of sex, then this penis extension may be a great pick for you.

Since the Fantasy X-Tension 8-Inch Silicone Hollow Extension provides very little stimulation to the wearer if any, it is a great sex toy for those looking to bring new sexual excitement to their partners, more so themselves.

Fantasy 8-Inch Hollow Extension Pros

  • It adds length and girth to the penis
  • Can be used without a condom as one end is closed
  • Very easy to use
  • Feels almost like a true penis

Fantasy 8-Inch Hollow Extension Cons

  • The harness may be a little uncomfortable as it does not sit still, thus rubbing on your bum
  • Provides little stimulation to the wearer

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