Bishop Eddie Long is (Allegedly) a Nasty Mutha Fucka

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal

I will have more to say on the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal later, but for now, I will stick to what the media is reporting:

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Two men, ages 20 and 21, filed lawsuits in DeKalb County alleging Long coerced them into having sex in exchange for trips, cars and cash. The plaintiffs say Long began having inappropriate relations with them when they were 16. They are seeking a trial by jury and unspecified damages. Long adamantly denies the allegations.

Ski said the reaction he’s heard from fellow church members has been disbelief of the claims. But the reaction Ski’s gotten from the public at large has been far more mixed.

“It’s going to cause a lot of destruction in our community,” a caller told Ski. “I just hope it’s not true.”

Across the radio dial on Kiss 104.1, Roland Martin interviewed the plaintiff’s attorney, B.J. Bernstein, on the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Bernstein said that when she first got a phone call from one the alleged victims, “the chills went down my spine because I immediately knew the seriousness…and I knew the stature of Bishop Long in this community and across this nation. I got the boys in and spoke with them and that’s when I knew that I had no choice but to get involved. I was shaken by the seriousness of these allegations.”

Bernstein told Martin that she would be subpoenaing Long’s phone, e-mail and travel records as the case moves forward.

“To say to the world as a young man that you had that happen[to you], the ridicule and scorn that these young men are willing to put themselves through for the truth, is extraordinary,” Bernstein said.

She said that last May, one of the plaintiffs approached Long for counseling after his best friend died. “Instead, the bishop makes a move on him.”


I will say this: How long is it going to take for black folk to realize that the most virulent homophobes are often gay themselves? And that often, because they are in SUCH denial about their homosexuality, they behave in WILDLY inappropriate ways? Not only that, but the black church is often a refuge for these nutjobs since black folk NEVA believe anyone’s gay and especially NEVER a Good God Fearing minister. And one of such prominence too.


When will we ever learn?




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