Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Pictures Released by Accusers’ Attorney

Bishop Eddie Long Pictures

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal With Pictures

Well, Well, Well seems like Bishop Eddie Long likes to send pretty pictures of himself to young boys….allegedly of course:

Plaintiff’s attorney released the two pictures in which the Bishop is dressing in a muscle shirt holding his phone up in the bathroom. One bathroom, while not verified by the attorney, appears to be a hotel bathroom. The attorney representing the plaintiffs is referred to by local news as a “prominent Atlanta” attorney, B.J. Bernstein. In releasing the pictures, Bernstein said the pictures were taking by Long and send to young teen males who attended Longfellows Youth Academy. She would not specify who specifically received the photos or where the photos were taken.

Plaintiffs Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg claimed they were initiated in an pseudo religious order by virtue of a ceremony which they claim replicated a wedding to Long. “It was essentially a marriage ceremony where there were candles, (an) exchange of jewelry and biblical quotes given.” New Birth Missionary Baptist Church at 6400 Woodrow Road in Lithonia is also a defendant.

Awwww…isn’t that sweet. He wanted their union to be official and sanctioned by the Lord. You know where there are pictures there are likely e-mails and text messages as well. This good get real interesting. With this story…Christmas came for me early this year. LOL. Seriously, where there’s smoke there’s fire…this story isn’t over by a long shot. It’s just getting started.

Here are the pictures – I must say, the Bishop is FINE – too bad we like the same thing (allegedly of course):


Bishop Eddie Long Scandal


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