Vivid Entertainment Shut Down: Porn Actor Tested Positive for HIV

Vivid Entertainment Porn

Vivid Entertainment Actor Tests Positive For HIV

Testing is not prevention. And it is high time these porn studios recognize that. Vivid Entertainment the biggest of the porn production companies, as well as Wicked Pictures have shut down production as one of Vivid’s performers has tested positive for HIV:

An adult film performer in San Fernando Valley’s lucrative porn industry has tested HIV-positive, prompting at least two well-known adult movie production companies to suspend filming as a precaution.

The HIV infection of an active porn performer is the first known local case in more than a year and immediately strengthened calls by AIDS activists for the state to mandate condom use on porn sets and to increase regulation.

“We are quarantining and testing all exposed partners to the individual,” said Jennifer Miller, an HIV/STD counselor at the clinic.

Miller declined to disclose the gender of the person who tested positive, what companies he or she worked for, when the person was tested and whether AIM had notified state and county officials.

“We’re doing what we can to notify the individuals involved,” Miller said.

She said AIM officials plan to release more information at the end of the week.

In the meantime, Vivid Entertainment, based in Van Nuys, and Wicked Pictures, based in Canoga Park, both suspended production Tuesday, citing the positive HIV test.

“We did this as a precaution and will continue to monitor the situation,” said Steven Hirsch, Vivid’s founder and co-chairman. “We will wait for all of the facts to emerge before resume production.”

Wicked Pictures officials, who described their productions as “condom-mandatory,” said they halted filming to allow AIM to create a “comprehensive quarantine list.”

Diane Duke, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, a Canoga Park-based porn trade association, said it was too early Tuesday to draw conclusions.

“What we know is someone tested HIV-positive; we don’t know the circumstances. What we do know is AIM has identified that someone is HIV-positive and is taking care of it,” Duke said.

It’s good to know that Wicked Pictures is condom mandatory, but Vivid…really? The biggest guys in the game are still relying on a no hat/testing only policy? Really?

This is beyond ridiculous. I understand they feel that condoms depress sales, but unless they can site the research to back this up, I think it’s just dumb. Not only that, but if EVERYONE was condom mandatory I really don’t think folk would stop buying porn any more than they already have with the advent of free porn on the internet.

It’s high time they stop the madness and put the safety of their performers first. Just ’cause you’re a porn actor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have safe working conditions.




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