Top Ten Freakiest Countries in the World

For all out puritanical ways we Americans are a pretty frisky lot. We rank above the global average for number of boinks per year and, as you will see, we like to film our sexy activities more than most as well.  But we’re not necessarily the freakiest country in the world.  Who does that sexy distinction belong too? You might be surprised at who made the list:


Belgians supposedly have the most satisfying sex lives of anyone in the world. We rank fourth. We may not be number one, but at least we didn’t come in last—sorry, China!


Canadians (along with the US) are the most likely to film themselves during sex.


There’s an organization in Colombia called Club Stop. For an annual membership fee of $15 you can spend your weekends making amateur pornos with other club members which are then sold locally. Plus, Colombians are so uninhibited when it comes to sex that a walk along the beach here is likely to include multiple sightings of couples making love in the sand.


The French give and receive the most head. They’re also the most likely to have participated in an orgy, and 27% claim to have participated in partner swapping.


Greeks are the most sexed people on the planet. They do the deed an average of 138 times a year—the worldwide average is 103. We’re above average in sexy time, getting it on an average of 113 times a year. Japan, on the other hand, is quite sexually frustrated. The Japanese supposedly have sex only 45 times a year. Maybe that’s why they put so much effort into creating sexbots.


There’s a holiday in Indonesia called Pon. On this sacred holiday, people travel to a mountain in Java and have sex with someone other than their partner seven times. The belief is that fulfilling this ritual will bring blessings on your life, but it only works if you get it on with someone random the full seven times.


Norwegians get the dubious honor of being the people who have the most unprotected sex—73% of Norwegians don’t use protection. They’re followed by Greece at 70%. Surprise, surprise—Norwegians also have the most STDs with 21% of Norwegians fessing up to having one. Compare this to Poland—perhaps the safest country in the world when it comes to sex—where only 4% of people admit to having an STD.

South Africa

If you’re considering transferring to your company’s Johannesburg office, do it. South Africans are the most likely to have sex at work. America ranks in at number five.


The Taiwanese get a shout out for having the highest vibrator use of anyone. We tied the UK for second place.


If you want an easy lay on your travels, head to Turkey. The people here average the most sex partners over their lifetimes at 14.5 partners. Australia comes in second at 13.3 partners.


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