You Can Tell if a Woman Had an Orgasm by the Way She Walks

Orgasm Detector

Orgasm Detector: It’s All About Her Walk

It seems Belguim sexologists decided to look at a woman’s orgasm history to see if there was a way to tell who has had vaginal orgasms and who hasn’t. And they came up with an answer:

They gathered a group of women — half had never had vaginal orgasms, half had. And then, we shit you not, the scientists had to guess which group each lady fell into by the way she sashayed her stuff across the room.

Yeah. Sounds scientific enough. 😐

The sexologists could determine whether or not the woman in question could have a vaginal orgasm with freaking 81.25 percent accuracy.

Well damn…

….the experts say women who were climaxing from the inside had longer stride lengths, greater pelvic rotation and an “absence of both flaccid and locked muscles.” In other words, they had a little shake in their hips, a little pep in their stride and didn’t look like they were clenching a tennis ball with their thigh muscles. A loose but confident walk.

Well, I’ve always been told I had a sexy walk.

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  1. Lady Ngo 12 years ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaat lol. well how do they know who actually had an orgasm before? You know a lot of women think they’ve had one…until they actually have one lol

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