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Type: Rabbit Vibrator
Manufacturer: Jopen
Materials: Silicone

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Rechargeable vibrating duo balls. Ergonomically designed for the natural contours of a woman. Hi-tech squeeze me technology for intense vibrations on command, or manually as desired. Powerful independent dual motors with incremental speed controls. Instant on/off function. Easy to follow instructions included. Waterproof. Whisper quiet. Premium Silicone maintains and retains body heat. Unscented, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. Satin finish and virtually seamless. Sturdy retrieval cord. Rechargeable with premium Lithium Ion battery. Security travel lock. Powered by Power Bullet. 3.5x 1.25/ 9 cm x 3 cm. Comes with USB power cable.

Jopen Vanity Vr1 Vibrating Ben Wa Balls Review

Jopen Vanity Vr4

The Jopen Vanity Vr1 is a revolutionary new toy that bridges the gap between vibrator and kegel exerciser. Its sumptuous curves are designed to work those pelvic floor muscles all on their own – but the secret is in its touch activated panel. This panel, nestled comfortably beneath a thin layer of silicone, allows your Vr1 to respond to your vaginal contractions with bursts of vibration. This little vibrator proves that pleasure is truly the best incentive!

Jopen’s Vanity Vr1 is a beautiful little luxury vibrator that boasts a kind of versatility few in its class can. With its slightly lopsided hourglass shape, the Vr1 has a silhouette familiar to those of us that have an interest in vaginal exercisers. Of course, this toy has one very important feature that no other kegel exerciser out there does – dual motors (one in each ball) to motivate the wearer into working those PC muscles! By clenching your pelvic floor muscles around the largest ball the vibrating motors are activated and this touch activated interface responds with greater vibration in turn for greater pressure. In other words? Doing good, strong kegel crunches will always be rewarded with more powerful vibrations.

The Vr1 also has a “pleasure mode” which allows for continuous vibrations in the absence of kegel muscles contractions. By activating the pleasure mode you can simply insert your Vr1 as you would any other vibrating egg and enjoy the rolling humming from the powerful dual motors. This exerciser has two distinct functions that overlap beautifully: exercise and pure pleasure. How you use it is up to you and the mood you’re in!

Jopen’s Vr1 is a firm toy with little to no give due to it being packed with two powerful motors. The density of this vibrator makes it ideal for kegel exercising by giving you a strongly defined shape to work your muscles around, though in pleasure mode it may leave something to be desired in the way of plush, life-like stimulation. However, this beautiful vibrator is coated with a layer of luxurious, velvety soft silicone. Though this silicone is a only a thin membrane between your body and the motors, it allows for easy insertion and optimal comfort once inside.

The finish is somewhat matte, so users will likely want to add a little water or oil based lubricant to the surface before insertion. Silicone based lubricants are not compatible with this toy, of course. This outer layer is completely non-porous, odorless and tasteless as a result of its 100% medical grade silicone composition.

There is a slight seam that runs vertically around the toy’s edges. The seam is a hair-like one that is scarcely noticeable at all, and certainly not when in use. Because the interface of this toy consists of a single button which is located beneath the protective silicone skin, there are virtually nothing on the surface of this toy to make its use painful or unpleasant in any way.

Measuring 3.5″ in length and 1.25″ in diameter at its widest point, the Vr1 is a modest option for those that find other kegel exercisers too long and bulky. Its size makes it ideal for those with shorter or narrower vaginal canals, though it works just as well for those that can accommodate greater length and girth. The first ball in this device is circular and a touch less than an inch in diameter from any two opposing points. This smaller ball has its own motor which is activated not by touch, but rather vibrates in unison with the larger bulb. It rests behind the pubic bone and provides vibration to the G-spot or the sensitive tissues beyond the urethral sponge, depending on the user’s anatomy.

The larger ball is meant to contact the pelvic floor muscles themselves, and therefore is the larger bulb with the touch activated interface. It measures nearly two inches in length and is 1.25″ across. A 3″ long retrieval cord – also made from silicone – is hooked into the base of this end, which also features the charging port. A tiny pinpoint hole at the base accepts the including charger which plugs into a wall outlet. There is no protective closure over the charging point, and it appears to keep water out simply by virtue of its incredibly small size.

At the base of the Vr1 there is a smaller, almost imperceptible raised bump with an engraved emblem of a lock. This is the “lock button” that allows your toy to be packed away in a suitcase for travel without the risk of it accidentally turning on. The Vr1 comes locked from the factory and in order to be unlocked the lock button must be depressed for four seconds, at which point the motors will kick into high gear for a second to indicate they are ready for action. The motors will then die down into a low rumble, and your Vr1 is now in “exercise mode” making the larger bulb sensitive to pressure.

Only the crest of the top most ridge of this toy is sensitive to pressure, meaning that you can handle your toy a bit without constantly triggering intense vibrations. Your toy should be unlocked and put into exercise mode before inserted, as it’s nearly impossible to depress this tiny button with your vaginal muscles. On this setting the vibrations in the smaller ball will fluctuate along with the larger ball as your clench your muscles around the pressure sensitive pad. There are no pattern cycles, only incremental increases in continuous strength. On its most powerful setting this vibrator can be compared to the strength of a strong battery powered vibrator like the High Intensity Bullet. Similarly the vibrations of very intense but also quite shallow and will be more or less enjoyable to the user depending on their personal preferences.

Beyond the exercising function, users have the option of engaging the “pleasure mode” – which provides continuous vibrations that do not require pressure. To enter begin function, hold the Vr1 in hand and press down on the touch activated interface until a desired vibration strength is reached. Sustain this strength as you depress the “lock button” for one second. At this point, your toy will now be temporarily locked in this mode until you modify the speed or turn it off. By pressing the lock button for another second your egg will return to exercise mode. To turn off and return to locked position, depress the “lock button” for four seconds until the motors kick into high gear for a second, then fall silent. Your toy is now off and locked!

Entirely waterproof, the Vr1 is an absolutely effortless clean-up. You may fully rinse your vibrator in warm water and lather with antibacterial soap, or wipe your toy down with a 10% bleach solution for a more thorough cleaning. Boiling or washing in a dishwasher are not recommended for this product as the delicate motors will not stand up to excessive heat. The Vr1 should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in the pouch included with it or another lint-free bag. As this toy is made from a matte silicone it has the tendency to “grab” dust and hair, so to keep it as clean as possible between uses avoid storing it openly. Your vibrator should also not be kept in direct contact with soft toy materials like rubber, jelly, TPR/TPE, cyberskin or any other soft material that is not 100% silicone. These materials may be compromised (warped, misshapen or even melted) if they come in contact with 100% silicone products.

Charge your Vr1 with the included charger – average charging time will be about three hours. The LED light on the crest of the touch activated interface will glow red to indicate charging, and will then turn white once fully charged. Do not charge near water.

Jopen’s Vanity Vr1 comes in a simple white cardboard box that is acceptable for gift giving, but will not hold up as a long term storage option. A large, lint-free black nylon sack with drawstring closures is included for the storage of your toy, however. This pouch is large enough that you may wish to hold other toys and bedroom accessories in it along with your Vr1 – a nice little bonus with your purchase.

Vanity Vr1 Complete Specs

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