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Customer Rating: [s3r star=4/5]
Type: Realistic Dildo
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Materials: Latex

Product Description

Finally! A Doc Johnson penis that cums and cums! This dildo is unique in every way, from its realistic features to a veined and thick shaft. The nub at the tip adds to the realism and the testicles are so realistic you can move the “balls” around! Still, the most exciting feature of our Squirting Realistic Cock is the fact that it can ejaculate! Simply inject whatever body-safe substance you wish into the included pump and squirt away! The bottom is also suctioned for hands-free fun. White. Phthalate free. Proudly made in America.

Extase Liberté Sensual Massager Review

About Extase Liberté Sensual Massager

I have been slowly expanding my collection of small clitoral vibrators to keep in my nightstand drawer next to my bed, so I was very excited to try the Liberté Sensual Massager by Extase. When it arrived in the mail, I was a little surprised by how small it was, but the size makes for a discreet vibe that stores and travels easily. I have a PicoBong Kiki C-Vibe and the Liberté is just a little longer than the Kiki.

Materials & Texture

The Liberté is small and discreet at a mere length of just under 4” long. It is made of hard phthalates-free ABS plastic. It is shaped sort of like a finger with a rounded slight curve at the tip and a more rounded base which houses the motor. At the end of the base is a small window which illuminates with a soft blue LED indicator light over a pretty little flowery design to show when it is turned on and when it is charging. Additionally, there is a port on the side of the base for plugging in the charger and it is covered with a soft silicone grey cap.

Design & Features

At the rounded base of the vibe there is a slightly raised hour-glass shaped interface dial. To turn the vibe on and off, simply press and hold down either button on the interface dial. Pressing either button while the vibe is turned on will cycle through these seven different speed settings:

• first, a steady thrumming vibration
• the next two settings increase the vibration
• the fourth setting adds a short pulse followed by a steady vibration
• the fifth setting adds two short pulses followed by a steady vibration
• the sixth setting is a more thrumming pulse followed by a steady vibration
• the seventh setting is a kind of gradually increasing chugging vibration

The vibe can be locked to prevent it from accidentally engaging. To lock it, hold both buttons down simultaneously until the LED display window lights up. To unlock, simply repeat the process. Charging the Liberté will automatically unlock it. When the charge is low, the LED display will light up with a soft red glow.

The vibe can be charged using the 3’ long USB cord or simply attach it to the included adapter and plug in to any standard wall receptacle. The LED light on the vibe pulses while it’s charging and turns into a steady glow when it is finished. The charger is small, thin, and compact with folding prongs which makes it ideal for storage and travel.

Performance & Use

The Liberté comes in a small jewelry box type of packaging. It is not terribly discreet, but not overtly obvious that it is a clit vibe. The top of the white cover of the box contains a picture of the vibe with the label Liberté Sensual Massager. Each of the longer sides have a smaller picture with the label and a list of the main features of the vibe. On each of the smaller ends of the box is the Extase logo which proudly proclaims “Pleasure Awaits.” Beneath the cover is a nice rigid fuscia colored box with a soft, foam insert cut-out for the vibe. Underneath this is a pull out drawer with a lid which stores the battery charger, a very nice soft satin drawstring bag to store the vibe, an instruction booklet, and a small color pamphlet showing other toys in the Extase line of products.

Care & Maintenance

The Liberté Sensual Massager has no discernible odor or taste whatsoever. To clean, simply use antibacterial soap and hot water. The instruction booklet advises to “never use massage oil and hand cream as lubricants or cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.” Never submerge it in water or allow water to get in the charger port or around the interface dial.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I have been slowly adding to my collection of c-vibes, and this one is a nice addition; however, it more than likely will not get used nearly as much as my other vibes because it is a little louder and it’s plastic instead of silicone. I have used it a few times in order to write a fair review, but I find the buzzy vibrations to be a distraction when I am trying to bring myself off. On the plus side, I find the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use. For my collection, this is a good mid-point vibe. The PicoBong Kiki is not as strong as the Liberte but is much quieter and less expensive. For the price, the Lelo Siri is a much better option as it is incredibly quiet with considerably stronger vibrations.

Note: This review was done by an anonymous reviewer

What Our Customers Have To Say

Customer: Olly
Rating: [s3r star=4/5]
Review: This is terrific – great looks, great feeling up the ass, and nice to wank when lubed! Could be another inch longer (even tho Im not able to take all that much up the ass, when you use the suction and sit on it, you dont always get it all the ay in). Love the balls! I dont mind the preparation time as its a real turn-on – and yes, thinned, warm yoghurt is the best!

Customer: Ray
Rating: [s3r star=5/5]
Review: This cock is awesome!!! I have yet to find a cock that feels as good as this one does in my ass. I dont use the squiting feature, in fact I took out the hose. I get such a sensation from the feel of this dildo, I dont even know how to describe it other than unmatched by any other. I have a large collection of dildos and this one is my favorite. Iwould recomend this one to every guy that loves anal sex!!!!

Customer: Fred
Rating: [s3r star=4/5]
Review: Very satisfied with this dildo Like many commenters, I did find the width to be a little more than I was expecting (even having read the reviews). I suppose with time I will adjust and enjoy this more for anal pleasure. However, I did quite enjoy performing oral sex on this and, while the squirting isn’t perfect, the first time I shot a load (I used my own cum) in my mouth it w as quite a thrill! One downside to oral is there is a pretty strong latex odor/taste, which is mildly off putting (though does make the cum taste that much better). There is no question that when the dildo is anchored and you put downward pressure on the tip, the plastic tube does stick out. This didn’t bother me too much for oral but was a little mor challenging for anal (especially during insertion – once it was in, I didn’t notice it). The prep of filling the reservoir with cum and attaching it to the tube is kind of a pain as is the cleanup afterward which does add some time to the overall process. All in all, I definitely believe I got my money’s worth and look forward to many more sessions with this cock.

Customer: Mistress Missi
Rating: [s3r star=4/5]
Review: Hot! I have a serious addiction to seeing my guy cum, so when I saw this product I had to have it. I use lube or sometimes milk in it. (Lube works great if you want the toy to get off inside you because it helps you keep going. I like the way the milk looked better, though.) My boyfriend got to masturbate and watch me get off and when he was ready to go I let him make my toy get off at the same time. It was kind of like having a threesome!

Customer: Oscar Hoagland
Rating: [s3r star=4/5]
: The ejaculating feature of this piece wasnt anything special. The bulb that holds the liquid is really small, and it is very difficult to attach it to the thin plastic tube (especially if youre using a thick liquid). Furthermore, I found that the suction cup felt like it would definitely come off under regular mounted use, though I never actually experienced this effect (and even if you do, it comes with repair instructions). That being said, this is a great non-vibrating dildo. When I first got it, I was a little frightened by it (especially as Im a guy). I had used a medium butt plug and a 1 thick dildo before, but this was a major step up. With a bit of patience and a lot of lube, however, this can fill a guy perfectly. I personally feel that this piece makes for a great intermediate-level dildo…just make sure that you really know what 2 inch diameter means before getting it


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