In Case You Missed It: Bishop Eddie Long Addresses Sex Scandal Allegations in Front of Congregation (Video)

Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long Speaks On Sex Scandal

So Bishop Eddie Long addressed the sex scandal allegations at his church, New Birth, on Sunday. Well he spoke with the same fire he always has, except he never once DENIED the charges. From

There is no LEGAL reason why Eddie Long could not have come out Sunday morning and said “I didn’t do this!” Instead we got this sermonette from an I-Pad in which he said he would fight, but did not say he was innocent of the allegations against him. He didn’t say he did not have sexual relations outside of his marriage. He didn’t say that he didn’t crawl in bed with teenage boys. He didn’t say that he didn’t have boys perform sex acts for him and there is no LEGAL reason why he could not have made that clear on Sunday and one would day that as a leader of such a large congregation, he had a moral duty to be CLEAR. He was not because he likely cannot.

And there you have it. He said much of nothing as colorfully and as arrogantly as he spews most of his sermons. If you want to see Bishop Eddie Long’s non-denial, here is the video of Sunday’s sermon below:


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