Women Proposing to Men: An Act of Desperation or Empowerment? (Video)

Women Proposing to Men: Yea or Nay?

Is it ever okay for a woman to propose to a man?

I’m generally against women proposing to men. Most of the time when women do the proposing it’s an act of desperation. They’ve been with a man for umpteen-fifty-million years wanting desperately for him to propose and when he doesn’t and she realizes she’s getting older and her eggs are drying up she decides to propose under the guise of “getting what she wants.”

If a woman who proposes to a man was really trying to get what she wants, she would have proposed after a year or two of being in strong, stable, successful relationship where marriage has been discussed and is expected. That’s proposing from a position of power.

I still don’t think it’s something I’d recommend or would do myself, I am a little old school in some of my beliefs. But under those circumstances, a woman is well within her right to go after what she wants. If he says no, well that’s life, but you don’t look like a fool because of it and he very well could say yes, just ask Pink how well it worked out for her.



  1. Lady Ngo 13 years ago

    Yeah, i don’t know about the whole woman proposing to a man thing. Call me old school too but it just wreaks of desperation. Far be it for me to judge anyone else, if you want to propose to your man then do your thing- thats your business, not mine. But personally i don’t think i could do it. If after i’ve laid my cards on the table about wanting to get married and the dude makes no motions to ask, then i just gotta bounce because in my mind that means he isn’t interested in puttin a ring on it. At the grown up stage in life, if by the middle of the second year of your official relationship you haven’t even had the talk about marriage- something isn’t right. And if by the end of the second middle of the third year you don’t have an engagement ring yet ya’ll been shackin up livin the pseudo-married life, its time to go.

  2. A.k. 13 years ago

    Interesting take on women proposing from a pseudo mysogonist all-round hilarious screen writer who spits a lot of truth embroiled in nonsense.

    And my own 2 cents:
    -what is it about getting married that is such a big deal? Is proposing to somebody THAT important? Is a ring THAT important? Maybe, because my ma doesn’t wear her ring and calls my daddy all sorts of names whilst he clings to the hope that one day she’ll see the light, I now have a skewed view of marriage but it all seems a bit showy and pointless.

    -And then, I think, if marriage is THAT important to you, why is it desperate to propose? What makes a woman desperate or retarded for proposing…but a man masculine and romantic for not? I thought we had equality of the sexes?

    is pretty funny…and bang on the money, too

    • Yeah I really don’t deal with the Black Girls Are Easy site. While there may be some “truth” wrapped up in his posts he’s a misogynist (or plays one in blog land) for no other reason than to get hits and a bit of notoriety. He’s a great writer obviously. But he’s also full of shit.

      As far as women proposing I was clear that when a woman does it from a place of power (in a similar way as a man) then no, I don’t think it’s desperate. BUT a lot of women are proposing NOT b/c they really want to propose but b/c he’s NOT proposing – that’s desperate. And silly. It’s much easier to find a man who wants to marry you than to convince one who has made it clear he doesn’t.

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