Top Ten G-Spot Dildos

There’s nothing like great sex, is it? The desire, the passion, that pleasant tension and explosive release, you just want to do it as often as possible, explore new ways, find new sensations. But what do you do if you crave all that and there’s no one around you to make it happen? Or you just don’t feel like interacting with another person? For those special times you need a trustworthy companion that’s always hard, always ready to please you and doesn’t stop pounding you hard until the job is done. So here are our best 10 picks:

1. Joystick Glass-Dildo Wand-Anal & G-Spot – Clear

This glass joy will take your sex games to a whole new dimension. The joystick has a spiraled end that can be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and when you feel ready to spice things up a little, its bulbous end can work wonders for G-spot stimulation and anal play. This is the perfect toy for beginners and will bring you hours of fun.

2. Purple-Rain Ribbed Glass-Dildo

This beautiful translucent purple glass dildo will add some color to your sex life and to your toy collection. It’s ribbed, meaning both vaginal and anal play will benefit from enhanced pleasure and its curved handle gives you extra control so you can reach those deep places. It also retains heat and cold for extra stimulation.

3. Simple And True Extra-Touch Finger-Dong Purple

If you’re looking for something a little different, this might be just the thing for you. This silicone finger fits on either hand and it provides just the little extra help needed to reach those right spots. It stays securely on your hand or on your partner’s and its stimulating texture guarantees many hours of pussy rubbing fun.

4. Leisure Silicone-Vibrator Harness Compatible 7″ – Midnight-Purple

This amazing little device is the perfect proof that simple is best. It has a narrow tip that ensures a gentle beginning and its smooth shaft will perfectly bend to every curve inside you, filling you up and give you the intense pleasure you deserve. It also comes with a removable bullet vibrator that’s sure to wake up every inch of your insides and make you scream of joy.

5. Glass Naturals-Chili Pepper-Dildo

Are you sure you’re getting enough vegetables? We strongly believe that your diet can fit one more, and you won’t regret taking our advice. This absolutely unique toy bends in unusual shapes to ruffle your insides in a spectacularly fun way. Use it for anal or vaginal play and soon enough you’ll experience one volcanic orgasm after another.

6. Curve Midnight-Purple

This Tantus made toy has a wide base, allowing you to combine direct G-spot stimulation with the endless possibilities of harness play. Its 6 inches is sure to fill you up with ecstasy no matter where you choose to put it in, and the smooth angle of the curve is guaranteed to reach that special spot inside you.

7. Nyasa Glass-Wand

This beautifully crafted glass creation looks like it would fit in an art gallery just as well as it fits inside you. An elegant thrusting wand, it features a tulip shaped tip that’s sure to smoothly glide inside you and coiling ridges all around it that increase sensations as you move it up and down inside your body, bringing you one step closer to sweet release.

8. DildoBoro Glass G-Spot Clear

This interesting looking glass toy is actually two dildos in one. On one side you’ll find a smooth phallic shape that’s sure to fill up your insides and the other end has four graduated pleasure bubbles that take you one step closer as they go in you, no matter where you choose to put it in.

9. TruskynTru Curve-Dual Density G-Spot Dildo – Pink

If a real penis inside you is what you crave, this might just be the toy for you. This pink curved dildo is amazingly lifelike, its smooth silicone perfectly emulating the tender feel of real skin. Its 6 inches is sure to give you what you need, and its curved shape means your G-spot will absolutely love it.

10. Incurve Silicone G-Spot Duo Dildo-Set
This quality silicone double dildo was created for imagination expanding fun in mind. Compatible with most harnesses, it’s sure to offer you the immense pleasure of being double penetrated. It also has a suction cup, so can be placed on any hard smooth surface for amazing solo play or putting on a show for a special someone.


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