Sex: The Ultimate Relationship Deal Breaker

Relationship Deal Breaker

The Ultimate Relationship Deal Breaker

Sex in a relationship is a lot like the US at the UN – even if the rest of the relationship is great, if the sex is bad then there is no deal. I’ve heard many women argue that you can have a great relationship even if you’re not setting the bedroom on fire. I say those women must not know what good sex is really like.

There are a lot of things I may compromise on in a relationship: age, looks, height…but sex…that’s way too important an aspect of any relationship to settle for anything but the best. Some may argue that it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks so to speak, but I don’t want to be in the teaching business. It’s one thing to teach you what pleases me, it’s another to have to teach you the basics.

I personally know of a few couples who are basically in sexless marriages and no, I’m not talking about couples who have been married for twenty+ years (not like that’s an excuse), but young recently married couples who are all perfectly healthy. It’s a situation I can’t even fathom and with money and sex being the number 1 and number 2 reasons for divorce in this country it’s not a situation I think those couples will be living for much longer.

Bad sex (or no sex) is just not an option. While no one is suggesting cheating is okay, if you’re not doing your part in the bedroom it is a surefire way to send someone out the door permanently or into someone else’s arm. Someone once asked me if everything else was perfect in a relationship and the sex was bad…would I stay? My response was simple: Hell No. In that scenario the relationship wouldn’t be perfect and we’d be better off as friends. If we ain’t lighting up the sheets, we can’t do much of anything else either.



  1. SingLikeSassy 15 years ago

    We are here >.<

    I have a friend who has been married for years and she has said many times (before and after she got married) she just doesn’t care about sex that much. I use to not care about it either til I had some good sex. Then I understood why I didn’t care.

  2. yes 15 years ago

    U got that right! That’s the bad thing about dating and taking your time. You start to liking the dude and then you find out his shit is wack, it’s all downhill from there!

  3. Shawn Smith 15 years ago

    I had one woman ask me if I believed in sex before marriage, I told her yes.

    I tried to explain to her that sex plays a big part in it and that if you don’t know what you are getting into, it could cause serious issues.

    To me, sex is like a window to a person inner self. You have to know now a person is in the most intimate of settings.

  4. […] already made it clear that bad sex is a relationship deal breaker. And for me that begins with what you’re working with in your pants and small penises need […]

  5. V.COGnac 15 years ago

    Entertaing as always babes

  6. Ericka 15 years ago

    Bad sex is such a turn off. I’ve dated a guy who was literally a 3 minute man. I told him and of course the next time, he brought his A game, but he was hit and miss. I basically told him, I couldn’t do it anymore, either he is selfish lover or he just don’t know what the hell he is doing. Sometimes men they are they are doing something because he previous sex partner either thought is was good, hadn’t had better so that’s all she knows or just was too afraid to be honest. I am truly honest and up front when it comes to sex. I know my stuff is right and I’m aiming to please you, so I want you to put that same effort in or not more. BAD SEX IS DEFINITELY DEAL BREAKER!!!

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