Love Rider Wireless Curve Review

Love Rider Wireless Curve

About Love Rider Wireless Curve

At a glance, the Love Rider Wireless Curve seems like an ordinary dildo, but once you put it to work you will discover the surprise it holds within. Buried beneath its smooth and colorful silicone skin is a powerful vibrator that adds seven fascinating functions bound to curl your toes.

It is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger that plugs into the base, at the center of the suction cup so you carry the fun with you wherever you please without worrying about batteries or sockets to play with your new g-spot vibrator.

Design & Features

As earlier mentioned, the design of the Love Rider Wireless Curve is simple; however, there is great ingenuity behind it. The tip of the vibrator starts wide, with a soft point for easy insertion, but gradually becomes thicker for a full feel.

The bulged tip is desined to focus on the g-spot or prostate, and thus the flat bottom and rounded top. At the center of the shaft, the Love Rider Curve becomes much narrower to keep the attention on the tip, and then it again widens towards the base where there is the suction cup.

The alternating girths allow for increased stimulation, even when the vibrations are turned off. The g-spot vibrators dual motors can be adjusted to different speeds allowing it to vibrate, pulsate and escalate. It is controlled by two buttons with one turning it on and off and the other controlling the vibration setting.

Love Rider Wireless Curve

Materials & Texture

Cal Exotics uses silicone to construct the Love Rider Curve. The Love Rider Curve is non-porous, latex free, phthalates free and safe on the body, while maintaining flexibility and the needed firmness.

The silicone surface is smooth and glides across the skin with ease, with little or no lube. The motor is positioned at the tip of the toy but you will not feel it throught the shaft.

Performance & Use

The base of the Love Rider Wireless Curve allows for versatility. You can use the toy for solo acts, anal and vaginal play as well as strap-on play without compromising on pleasure levels.

Just make sure to sterilize when switching from anal to vaginal. The vibrations may be noisy and a little weak but the overall shape of the vibrator makes up for this to ensure it does a decent job in pleasing you.

Care & Maintenance

Other than safety, a major advantage of silicone sex toys is that they are easy to clean and care for.

The Love Rider Wireless Curve should be cleaned with warm soapy water after regular use, but once in a while it can be sterilized with 10% bleach solution, especially if you switch orifices.

Also note that you can only use water-based lubricants on the dildo to avoid damaging the surface.

Love Rider Curve Pros

  • The suction cup allows for hands-free fun
  • It is harness compatible
  • Despite having a motor, the Love Rider Curve remains waterproof for fun in the shower or even pool
  • The silicone material is durable, hypo-allergic and easy to maintain and care for
  • Provides a variety of sensations at different settings

Love Rider Curve Cons

  • The vibrations are loud, producing a high pitched hum that can be irritating

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to add sensual and gentle stimulation to your sex life, then the Love Rider Wireless Curve may be the perfect toy. It gives you the pleasure of a simple dildo and a bonus of the vibrations that offer an arousing internal massage.

The biggest knock agains the Love RIder Curve is that the vibrations are not so strong, so if powerful vibrations are a must for you, than this may not be the vibrator for you.

Love Rider Wireless Curve Video

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