The Annihilator XXXL Review

Annihilator XXXL

About The Annihilator XXXL

Where to start this slamming party off? Let’s just say there’s big, there’s bigger, there’s huge and humongous, there’s monstrosity – and then there’s the Annihilator XXXL. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get reamed by a mythical beast on steroids – this would be the answer! Prepare to witness the God of all dildos, the father of all schlongs – the legend! The myth! Prepare to be swept off of your feet and then completely annihilated!

Design & Features

Featuring 18 inches in total length, this imposing monster of a dildo is certainly not for the faint of heart. Though only 16 inches are insertable in total, its width is going to be a challenge as well. It is 4.5 inches wide with whooping 12.5 inches in circumference. This monster weighs 9lbs, making it a heavyweight among similar products. It is magnificent and big
in every single way there is. If you ever get past the mushroom tip, and make your way down the shaft, you’ll find that the girth increases in the bottom three inches. Make a drinking game or a challenge out of it!

Materials & Texture

The Annihilator XXXL is good at many things. Being a realistic portrayal of a sex organ is not among them. Made out of high quality PVC rubber, the dildo is long, smooth and big. The shaft itself is not textured, which is definitely an oversight, but considering its proportions – this is something users will easily forgive. The tip and the head have been accentuated and widened for extra stimulation, but the rest of it is just a slick, long rubbery slope.

Performance & Use

Getting to use the Annihilator XXXL is a breeze. Just hold on to your bootstraps and make sure you don’t take more than you can. The toy does not feature a suction cup base, which is understandable as its own size and weight would easily drag it down. It is, however, harness compatible and you can even use it with a machine if you’re feeling adventurous and daring enough. It goes without saying that a lot of lube should be spared for this enjoyment.

Care & Maintenance

Thankfully, there’s one good thing that came out of the PVC rubber choice. It doesn’t require a whole lot of wining and dining. Give it a wash frequently with your basic water and soap combo. Rinse and dry vigorously and you can even apply a thick coating of cornstarch from time to time, just to keep it in top shape. Other than that, it practically does its work for you!

Final Thoughts

Approach it with great care. If you are a beginner, take your time to work your way to this. For pros and fisting aficionados, this is going to be right up your alley! It’s straight out of the box ready to rock, so if you feel like you can’t get enough, this frisky number will make you change your mind and meet your maker.

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The Annihilator XXXL Pros

  • A true giant of the adult toy world
  • Increasing girth towards the bottom to make the challenge tougher
  • A huge, long, thick dildo to make all of your fantasies come to life
  • Can be washed and cared for effortlessly
  • Harness compatible

The Annihilator XXXL Cons

  • The size is definitely not for everyone
  • Fans of realism may not like it
  • No suction cup base

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