Miracle Massager Body Massager Review

miracle massager body massager

About Miracle Massager

Intense sexual pleasure is everyone’s fantasy and The Miracle Massager is specially designed to make that possible. The Miracle Massager would definitely be the lasting solution for any new couple seeking ultimate sexual satisfaction as well as for anyone looking for a new sexual adventure. Its simplicity belies the intensity it offers.

Design & Features

The Miracle Massager may as well be working miracles in terms of stimulation and satisfaction. It does not have some fancy additions like all those buttons and such; just a simple power button and the vibration control system where the speed and the intensity of the vibration is controlled.

The slight curve to the shaft enables maximum clitoral stimulation as it naturally rests in the inner parts, stirring up all manner of vibrations for an amazingly sensual experience.

The Miracle Massager may not be as mobile as other massagers because it needs to be plugged in to run its powerful motor, but it covers for this by having a 75-inch long cable that can run over six feet of space to allow for maximum movement during a session.

Miracle Massager

Materials & Texture

In the interest of offering maximum safety, the Miracle Massager is made of soft plastic, a PVC material which ensures the texture is smooth and will not cause harm to the body during your bedroom adventures.

Performance & Use

The simple design of the Miracle Massager makes it easy for anyone to use as its only features are the power button and vibration control system. You can choose your preferred vibration intensity and speed and the easy handle grip makes it easy for the user to operate it.

The massager is restricted only to the bedroom as it is not waterproof and its long wires may also be rather inconvenient to use in a variety of locations.

Care & Maintenance

The simplicity of the Miracle Massager means that maintenance is easy as there are no fancy requirements needed to maintain it. It only uses electricity to run its powerful motor and It does not require extra care as it is not as delicate or complex as other sex toys.

Like any other sex toy, it is important that the Miracle Massager is cleaned after every use. Washing is simple, just use warm soap and water or a sex toy cleaner to keep the massager clean.

Miracle Massager Pros

  • Its powerful
  • Quiet while using
  • Multi-vibration
  • Cheap to maintain

Miracle Massager Cons

  • The long cable may be cumbersome
  • Not waterproof
  • Cumbersome

FInal Thoughts

Ultimately, the Miracle Massager is a great sex toy.  With its powerful vibrations, it can offer the ultimate satisfaction many desire. However, some features like the long cable and the fact that it isn’t waterproof means it is not as desirable as some other body massagers on the  market.

Miracle Massager Video

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