Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball Review

Dillio VIbrating Mini Sex Ball

About the Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball

Straight out of everyone’s sexual fantasy, bringing out a crazy mix of sex and workout like you’ve never seen before, the Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball from Dillio is about to test your limits in every way imaginable.

Designed with maximum comfort in mind, and the perfectly sized six-inch dildo, this item is its own party in a box, waiting for you to discover it and have the most mind-blowing ride of your life.

Design & Features

From a visual standpoint, the Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball might remind you of those bouncy exercise balls you might see in a yoga class or in a gym.

The key element here is the sturdy plastic shaft right on top in the center, which makes a difference between breaking a sweat and breaking into a thundering orgasm.

The six-inch dildo that comes with the set is tailored perfectly to fit the plastic shaft and the vibration intensity and speed are controlled with the use of a control pad.

The ball itself is 10 inches wide in diameter, giving you plenty of space and freedom to bounce around any way you’d like. The two plastic handles on both sides make it easy for you to grab and hold on tight as things reach a crescendo.

You can get it in either hot pink or violet purple and they can both support up to 200 pounds of weight. You also get a complimentary bottle of lube and a bottle of sex toy cleaning solution.

Dillio Mini Sex Ball

Materials & Texture

The ball is made out of high-quality Vinyl, which gives it that stretchy, bouncy soft feel.

The amazingly realistic dildo is made of PVC plastic, while the vibrator and the remote control have been designed using a sturdier version of ABS plastic, just to make sure it can withhold any amount of pressure without breaking or getting damaged.

All of the materials used are latex and phthalate free, proving once again that Dillio provides all the fun in a body safe package.

Performance & Use

Straight out of the box, blowing up the Mini-Sex Ball takes a few minutes, and sliding the dildo down the plastic shaft takes no more than a few seconds. Be sure to place it on a level surface for maximum enjoyment.

The control pad used to manipulate different vibration speeds and patterns requires 2 AA batteries that don’t come with the set.

Final Thoughts

If you want to do yourself a favor and bring something entirely new to the table, just buy the Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball. It’s a fun, bouncy ride on a vibrating dildo that looks and feels (almost) like the real thing would.

It doesn’t require any special efforts to get set up and it’s pretty straightforward. It’s not as intimidating as some sex toys, so it’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Mini Sex Ball Pros

  • The bounciest ride you will ever have
  • Made out of body safe, hypoallergenic materials
  • Easy to whip out and store as needed
  • Several vibration speeds and patterns
  • Love handles because you’ll need them

Mini Sex Ball Cons

  • It is a round object, so you might slide or slip off if you get too carried away
  • Only one dildo size included
  • Does not initially come with two AA batteries included

Dillio Mini Sex Ball Video

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