Average Joe The Bartender Miguel Dong

the bartender miguel

About The Bartender Miguel Dong

Sometimes, you just aren’t in a kinky mood. Sometimes, you’re not in pursuit of exotic, huge dongs to fill up on. When all you need is a touch of realism and total immersion, that’s when you reach for your toy collection to your faithful Bartender Miguel! It’s the Average Joe line, by Topco, aiming to please those looking for a strong dose of realism in their playtime.

Design & Features

Bartender Miguel is sporting 6 inches of insertable length. Not too bad for your Average Joe! It’s delightfully thick and has a somewhat strong suction cup base. Luckily, if you find yourself getting annoyed at the suction power at times, you can just strap it into an O-ring harness and make sure it’s locked in tight for your next ride.

The beauty of this dildo lays in its design. It looks extremely realistic, with a convincingly thick mushroom tip and a veiny shaft to make every stroke hit home. The coloring choice is perfect, matching the color of the skin and adding further to your immersion.

Materials & Texture

Average Joe The Bartender Miguel package was made out of Thermoplastic Rubber. Surprisingly, thanks to the design and texture, the choice of material doesn’t make it feel any less realistic than the real thing! Another useful pro that comes from this particular material selection is that it’s waterproof, meaning that you aren’t necessarily confined to having your way with Miguel in the bedroom!

It is Phthalate Free and body safe, so even if you are a bit more sensitive, you can still enjoy it without any concerns or risks.

Performance & Use

The Bartender Miguel does exactly as advertised! He’ll quench your thirst, take care of you and serve you sunny side up! If you prefer greater thickness or greater sizes though, Miguel might not be a perfect choice, but still – none the less enjoyable to play with.

You can strap it into a harness, or stick it to a smooth surface when playing solo. Either way, Miguel is a delightful addition to your collection, especially because of how real he feels inside of you!

Care & Maintenance

A material like TPR doesn’t require a lot of work when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. It can remain in its pristine condition for a very long time, just thanks to the use of warm water and soap. Do make sure to dry it thoroughly, just to avoid the tip and the shaft thickening up, or feeling too wobbly. Water lubricants are recommended for this toy, but you can expect nothing bad to happen, even if you use other kinds.

Final Thoughts

It’s really all up to preference! If you prefer realism over gargantuan sizes, The Bartender Miguel is going to be right up your alley. If, on the other hand, bigger is better for you, you may not get such a big kick out of it.
Regardless, it’s still worth owning, just for the amazing realism!

Bartender Miguel Pros

  • Your Average Joe dong, coming to life for your enjoyment
  • Harness compatible
  • Waterproof
  • 6 inches of thick pleasure
  • Feels extremely real to the eye and to the touch
  • Ideal for beginners, but doesn’t disappoint advanced users either
  • 100% Body safe

Bartender Miguel Cons

  • The suction cup could really hold on better
  • Fans of bigger sizes may not find it as exciting
  • A more lifelike material could have been used instead of TPR

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