Latin American Whopper Dong

Latin American Whopper Dong

About Latin American Whopper Dong

If you crave sex with an exotic twist, your search for the appropriate toy to satisfy that craving may take some time, depending on personal preference. To please a vast array of those, enter the Latin American Whoppers! A long dildo with a fun twist that is guaranteed to pique your interest. Grab your margarita and prepare for a fiesta you are not going to forget anytime soon!

Design & Features

The Latin American Whoppers is a fun way to go, mostly due to its peculiar shape. It is sporting an impressive length of 8.50 inches, though the total insertable length would be around 7.

One of the main reasons this dildo stands out is because of its slightly curved shaft, ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation. Combine that with the length and the firmness of the shaft and you are guaranteed to have some good fun with it! There’s a lot of options to explore. You can go for the traditional hands-on experience, use the suction cup base with an incredible suction power to fasten it to a wall or the floor, or even strap it into a harness!

Materials &Texture

The Latin American Whoppers feels quite realistic, thanks to the RealSkin employed in its design. It’s one of those materials that are meant to simulate real, human skin. It has a soft, supple texture, though it isn’t as flexible, so you can expect some firmness to it. While the material isn’t quite as good as FantaFlesh or CyberSkin, it still delivers on realism very well.

One thing that you may notice are the thick veins textured across the shaft. These are a little thicker than the usual design. This was done intentionally to enhance pleasure and stimulation, but some may find this a bit rough or uncomfortable at first. It’s recommended to use this one with a fair amount of lubricant.

Performance & Use

Its size makes it perfect for advanced users, favoring anal play and pegging in particular. Built to stimulate, no matter how you choose to play with it – you’ll get what you’re coming for.

Using it doesn’t require a lot of headache. There’s nothing complicated to set up, nothing unusual to keep an eye out for – you can easily get started on it straight out of the box.

Care & Maintenance

RealSkin, like many other of its sister materials, does require a bit of special care. While not particularly sensitive to certain kinds of lubricant, users are recommended to use water-based or silicone-based lubes with this one. A sprinkle of toy renewer powder never hurts, but just remember – if you don’t have any, a bit of cornstarch will do the trick just as

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a fun dildo to play with. It may come off as a bit too thin sometimes, but it certainly makes up for it with the unexpected angles you’ll be able to achieve thanks to the angular curvature of the shaft and tip. First buyers and advanced users alike will be able to enjoy a good, proper Cinco De Mayo!

Latin American Whopper Dong Pros

  • A long, realistic dildo with a fun, curvy twist
  • Incredibly strong suction cup power
  • Harness compatible, for more variety
  • Whopping 7 inches of penetrative delight
  • Realistic coloring and texture

Latin American Whoppers Cons

  • The veins may be a little too thick
  • It could use a bit more of girth to make the experience more wholesome
  • Requires a bit of love and special care


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