Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager Review

About The Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager

People who buy sex toys and don’t have much experience almost always think there are only dildos and vibrators to choose from. The world of adult entertainment and toys extends much beyond that and the Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager is the perfect example! If you like the kind of intensity that can range from a gentle flutter to an orgasm-inducing hurricane, you are going to love this one!

Design & Features

The wand’s head is 1.80 inches wide. The toy is soft, sleek and built with a slight feminine touch. It is quiet and small, but don’t let the size fool you. This wonderful little device packs quite a punch, thanks to the numerous speed and vibration pattern options.

It doesn’t offer the classic �OFF – MEDIUM – HIGH’ speed settings, but rather a one finger control dial that lets you adjust and tweak the speeds and patterns into your favorite combination. Despite the maximum setting’s strength, you won’t be able to hear any loud noises as it operates very quietly thanks to the clever design.

Materials & Texture

The Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager has been made using ABS plastic. This is what gives it that soft, gentle feel. Although it may seem deceptively small to some users, it will give your best vibrator a run for its money. Unlike most of the toys in this range, this one is USB rechargeable, thus making sure that you won’t run out of juice during the most crucial moments. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and pleasure, this is guaranteed to be a short-listed candidate to join your nightstand table’s drawer.

Performance & Use

Although it can provide a whirlwind of pleasure, The Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager is actually meant for any other part of your body all the same. Its vibrating patterns will feel great against your skin, not to mention different speeds that are perfect for setting the mood during foreplay. As soon as you are ready, just choose your desired speed and put it to a good use. You can increase the speed as you go, to explore your options or spark new flames during your playtime. The wand can be fitted with other attachments as well, making your options truly endless.

Care & Maintenance

Caring for this massaging wand mostly pertains to the head. From time to time, give it just a small rinse of water and soap before you dry it. Make sure not to attach the head to the wand until it is completely dry and ready to go. The rest of the wand could be damaged by water, so be sure to dismantle the head and wash it separately. Dry thoroughly and make sure the head has been fastened to the wand and it sits tightly on it.

Final Thoughts

This is a good go-to toy if you are looking for a great foreplay starter. Though it has many uses, the pleasure it brings is undeniable and what makes it that many more times impressive is its size! Go for it if you feel like your collection could use a bit more of an �oomph’!

The Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager Pros

  • A small, but powerful vibrating massager
  • Multiple speeds and vibrating patterns to choose from
  • Sleek, smooth design
  • The wand can be outfitted with new attachments
  • Good to bring pleasure and use as an actual massager

The Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager Cons

  • It definitely may seem too small for some users
  • The power cord doesn’t seem to be too durable
  • The advanced speed controls may be a bit rough

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