Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer Review

Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer

About Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer

Most men who have heard or seen Shane Diesel in action would kill to have his sexual prowess. And now every man can. The Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer has been molded from Shane’s massive cock which will turn you into a magician in bed. It is 8 inches long with a girth of 2.3 inches making it the perfect size to get any lady to call you daddy.

Design and Features

Even the most sensitive skin will feel comfortable in the Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer, thanks to the Thermoplastic Rubber TPR that it is made from. It is also brown in color which blends perfectly with most skin colours. It also conforms perfectly to most penis sizes.

Materials and Texture

The Thermoplastic Rubber TPR used in making this toy is safe and with a natural feel. It is highly flexible and you will barely notice it irrespective of the direction or style your penis goes. Comfort is also guaranteed just by the ingenious material.

Just like with your natural penis, you should maintain good “hygiene” with the Be Shane Girth Enhancing Extension. And because it is not made from natural or organic materials, you should be attentive to how it changes over time. When it starts getting lose on your penis, gets stained or starts to smell then it is time to buy a replacement.

Performance & Use

Be Shane Girth Enhancer has a skin-like texture because of the soft material it is made of. However, you should remember that it is still rubber and that means it can easily absorb bacteria and body fluids. If you don’t want to use condom while using it then it would be wise to use a good water-based lubricant. You can also use it with a condom in which case you use the type of lubricant you are most comfortable with.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer is easy because all you need is warm water and some mild soap. You can also use a good sex toy cleaner to get the task done. In both cases ensure that you rinse the toy thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Be Shane is molded after a popular porn star and will therefore give you value for your money. Invest in it and unleash your diesel potential.

Be Shane Girth Enhancer Pros

  • Feels and looks real
  • Conforms to all sizes of penis
  • Easy to clean and maintain

 Be Shane Girth Enhancer Cons

  • Ideal for small to average penis
  • Made of non-organic material.

Customer Reviews

Rating: [s3r star=1/5]
Unhappy wife
I bought this extension thinking it would be a good buy!! The material is very poor quality reaped off on first use. I won’t recommend it.

Rating: [s3r star=5/5]
Good extension
Realistic and it’s the thickest extension. Great for both of us.

Rating: [s3r star=1/5]
Looks good, performs terribly
Completely tore apart during first use. Construction is very poor


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