Star Scene Stealer Solid Dong Review

Star Scene Stealer Solid Dong

About The Star Scene Stealer Solid Dong

Tired of the same old? Can’t take any more of garbage plastic and cheap thrills? If you are looking to up the ante by a whole lot, you have certainly come to the right place. Don’t think that coming necessarily stops after you get this! Seemingly an ordinary dildo at first glance, this big boy is going to be ready to rock your world any time – day or night.

Design & Features

When it comes to design, the Star Scene stealer offers much more than meets the eye initially. With 12 burning inches of absolute pleasure, though it might be worth mentioning that only 9.75 inches are its insertable length, you are guaranteed to have a life-changing experience. If you prefer the hands-on approach, it is not going to disappoint, but if you’d like to get wild and kinky, you can go hands-free thanks to the suction cup base, which will latch on to virtually any flat surface. Take your fun to a whole new level with a harness and strap it in for an unforgettable experience.

Materials & Texture

The Star Scene Stealer has been made using some very realistic solid jelly. It has been textured with care, so you can rest assured that it is silky smooth and soft on the outside, while all of that long hardness and stiffness is on the inside. It is a perfect combination, meant not to interfere with your experience but only enhance it. Another thing that might draw your eye would be the thick, long veins protruding along the shaft. Albeit they look slightly unrealistic, the veins themselves have been designed to provide pleasure the likes of which you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Performance & Use

The Star Scene Stealer by Topco is going to take you right to the top! It’s pretty straightforward and to the point so that setting it up and getting to use it doesn’t get to be too much of a hassle.

You can use it pretty much any way you’d like, and when it comes to lubricants, you don’t have to be afraid of certain kinds that may be able to damage it.

Care & Maintenance

The good thing about The Star Scene Stealer is the fact that you don’t need to put much thought into what could damage it, as the jelly it is made of is not as sensitive as the lifelike materials that are sometimes used to create these types of toys.

Any type of lubricant you’d normally use will do just fine! Cleaning is a breeze as well, as you won’t need any special

kind of a solution to keep your toy clean. You can still use those if you’d prefer, but a simple rinse with hot water and soap will do.

Final Thoughts

Other than it being slightly less realistic in size and through other means, the Star Scene Stealer does exactly what it says it will! It will make you see stars and steal the show, so if you are looking to find something new and exciting to spice up your love life with, this is definitely a good pick.

Star Scene Stealer Solid Dong Pros

  • Incredibly big and built for your pleasure
  • The thick veins make it even more stimulating
  • Outstanding solid jelly built for a silky smooth ride
  • Virtually effortless to clean and maintain
  • Can be used with a harness

Star Scene Stealer Solid Dong Cons

  • The size definitely takes getting used to
  • Could be a lot more realistic
  • The suction cup base could use more strength

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