LELO Nea Personal Massager Review

lelo neaAbout LELO Nea Personal Massager

When my best friend called me in a frenzy about the latest “Personal massager” I actually didn’t understand what to think. I determined to look it up. I’d never really seen anything like it before. It was small, and how did it work just? Seemingly, it’s ergonomic, designed to fit the curves of your body. Ergonomic, not only for the office anymore, right

From the images, it is hard to see how small it really is. It is only 3″ by 4″ by 2″. It is actually a vibrator that is very pretty, and with its design that is unique, some people wouldn’t even understand what it was. You might also choose black or white, although I got the Deep Rose one with the adorable blooms on it.

Another unique quality about the pebble of happiness is the fact that it does not use batteries. No batteries! I am sure you have experienced those darn batteries go out right at the most inopportune times. It includes a cord so you can charge it right with your cell phone.

Like an apartment, curved egg.

It’s 10 speeds of vibration, from extremely low to relatively high, and additionally 4 pulsation patterns to pick from that can make your time perfect just for you and whatever you’re in the mood for. It is so quiet, despite having the greatest rate. Someone not understand what you’re doing, and could be in exactly the same room as you.

Therefore let’s get to the 2 buttons and how they function. The plus button turns into a pulse control and you are able to pick from five types, once it gets to full speed. Button goes from pulse way to consistent vibration mode — touch it and it turns off. There is a small LED light to assist you to control your rate in the dark or under the covers without a issue. Also, you can lock the vibrations by holding down both buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. That makes it perfect for traveling.

This little love bug includes a 1 year warranty, in case you have any difficulties with it. That is truly extremely uncommon as it pertains to personal massagers. It also comes in silk bag and a great black box to keep it in. It is not waterproof because of the charging port, but it’s so easy to clean because it’s made from plastic. Warm water and soap with a material or anti-bacterial toy cleaner will work fine.

I found it quite efficient, although I have read that it’s not as powerful as some vibrators in the marketplace. With the 10 speeds to choose, I am certain you are able to find one which suits your fantasy, but for how small it’s, it does an excellent job. It could be aimed at more than a professional self fan.

I highly recommend this massager that is personal and I am so glad my best friend said about it. It is a bit pricey, about $90, but you can locate your research for about half if you do it. Besides, I think orgasms make the world a happier place. Why not have a superb sexy, refined company to aid you?

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