LELO Lily Personal Massager Review

LELO LilyAbout LELO Lily

Oh my goodness, how do I even begin to explain the sheer happiness of this magic small sex toy? The Lelo Lily by the Swedish sex toy design house Lelo that is fashionable, is a magnificent vibrator that has been made with clitoral arousal at heart.

The very first thing you will find about the Lelo Lily when you open it from the box, is feminine and the sublime packaging that comes with it. I simply loved unwrapping it from the box. It comes wrapped in soft tissue paper, and as you unwrap in expectation you understand without a doubt, that there is going to be something brilliant waiting there for you. And there sure is!

The actual dimension of the Lelo Lily is discreet and tiny, and it comes finished with a glossy smooth surface when placed against the skin that gives it a feel that is sensuous. It is attractively designed to fit into all those specific areas, while providing a full-body, out-of-body experience to you.

On the surface there are two non-obtrusive and easy to use buttons that light up when you press them. One button enables you to turn the power on and also raises the intensity of the vibrations, and another button to reduce the intensity of the vibrations and turn it off.

The Lelo Lily has five stimulation modes and ten distinct speeds. I found that the lower speeds are much too weak for my liking, as they barely supply anywhere near enough stimulation. But I am sure you’ll agree when you find out for yourselves, the top few speeds are the pleasurable ones. There may be some women yet, which will need much more extreme stimulation, and if this’s true, then I’d probably suggest trying a vibrator that is more powerful.

The actual contour of the Lelo Lily is such that it has a broad base which then tapers off towards the finer tip for direct massaging of the clitoris. The vibration and arousal is predominantly discovered at this end, and that’s because it is used for not penetration, and clitoral arousal. Because of size and its design, Lily could also be utilized for additional arousal during sex with your lover.

One thing you will undoubtedly find about the Lelo Lily is how light it really is. That is because it lasts for a very lengthy seven hours after a complete fee, and comes with a built in rechargeable battery. Talk about ECSTASY!

As for noise, Lily is an extraordinarily rather vibrator on speeds that are lower. But I must acknowledge when it is turned up it does get apparently louder. But still, it is not nearly as noisy since many of the other vibrators which are available.

A big drawback is the Lelo Lily is only splash evidence, which for me is a little unlucky because it can’t really be used in the shower unless you are really cautious, and is not a waterproof vibrator.

There is no doubt the Lelo Lily clitoral vibrator has been passionately designed with the female body at heart, to summarize.

For the cost it undoubtedly performs. I would recommend it as a girl’s new companion and love it.

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