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Adonis Extension

About Adonis Extension

The size of the penis often affects how much partners view their sex life. The casualties of such a debate would always be the men with small sizes. This is where Adonis Extension comes in. Adonis Extension is a sex toy designed for the purpose of penis extension. With this sex toy, you are guaranteed an extra 2 inches on top of your natural length. There’s no better way to make your wife happier during sex.

Design & Materials

Adonis Extension is made from Thermoplastic Rubber/ Elastomer (TPR/TPE) that provides the assurance of soft and sensual feeling. Its hollow design provides space to fit in the penis, and is typified by about 4.71 inches of size circumference, 6.25 inches of length and 1.60 inches of width.

With the incorporation of a ribbed extension and a noticeable penis head, all brought together to guarantee additional 2 inches and pleasure, it only weighs about 5.12 ounces. One thing to note is that it’s �one size fits all’ sex toy. You just need to trim it to your size.

Performance and Use

The TPR stretchy characteristics enhances a soft comfortable fit, though this may not be the case to some people. There have been complaints when it comes difficulty of fitting it in and comfortably thereafter. You are assured of an improvement in your sexual performance by the 2 inches of extension that affects both the length and the girth. Using

Adonis Extension is quite a cheap process, all that you need is to apply your preferred lubricant onto your penis before sliding it in. Remember to apply the lubricant on the exterior surface of the penis extender, a move meant to ease penetration. The ribbed sleeve adds even more pleasure.

Care and Maintenance

All sex toys require a lot of attention when it comes to their maintenance. This is justified by the fact that failure to proper maintenance would lead to health complications if not affect durability. Clean it after use. You can hook up with a good sex toy cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap.

Final Thoughts

There are mixed feelings when it comes to the reviews on this product. It has had different outcomes for different users. Up to this moment, the only way you can be sure of what effect it has on you is by trying it out.

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Adonis Extension Pros

  • Durability.
  • One size for all.
  • Guarantees pleasure.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Proper fit.

Adonis Extension Cons

  • Failure to fit.
  • Can hurt some people.

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