13 Sex Positions To Help Women Orgasm

Help Women Orgasm

Best Sex Positions to Help Women Orgasm

An orgasm during sex isn’t a guarantee for many women. It can actually be quite difficult, particularly if one is trying to make women orgasm solely from intercourse. Only 33% of women orgasm from intercourse alone, so most women are going to need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. There are sex positions that can provide the penetration both sexes desire and the clitoral stimulation most women need, while increasing the likelihood of a vaginal orgasm. Learn them. Use them. Enjoy them.

Coital Alignment Technique

exotic sex positions

1. Coital Alignment Technique

Or CAT is the go-to sex position for women who find it difficult to orgasm through intercourse alone. Despite its name the position is very simple. First get into the normal missionary position, with the woman laying on her back with her legs straight out in front of her and the man laying directly on top of her The man then presses his pubic region up against the woman’s pubic area. This causes a grinding motion as opposed to and in and out motion, this allows for direct contact with the clitoris, inducing orgasm. The position is also a very intimate one allowing for plenty of face time and kissing and caressing.

Cowgirl Sex Positions

Cowgirl Sex Position

Woman-On-Top or Cowgirl sex positions are also a great way for women to orgasm with relative ease. Woman-On-Top positions can be similar to the CAT position in that a woman can position herself so her pubic area is grinding against the man’s pubic area allowing for clitoral stimulation that leads to orgasm during penetration.

Also with the woman-on-top positions, a woman has total control over the direction, position and speed of the act which makes it easier to figure out exactly what works best for having a vaginal orgasm. Some Cowgirl sex positions to consider:

2. Arm Chair

A different take on the cowgirl sex position, the Arm Chair is definitely for the more athletic and flexible. The Arm Chair has the potential to be hours of fun once you can get the rhythm down. To get into this position, you guy sits up with his legs straight while you sit on top of him with your legs on his shoulders and your arms resting braced on the bed as support.

3. Side Rider

The Side Rider is a variation of the cowgirl sex position with you facing sideways from your guy and you plant your feet instead of kneeling. Although not a big deal for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many folk, so your guy should offer some support using his hands whenever possible.

4. The Thigh Master

The Thigh Master sex position is a fun and frisky way to change up the standard woman on top position. Have your honey lie on his back with one of his legs stretched in front of him and the other leg bent with his knee pointing upward. Straddle his body sideways with his best knee between your legs. Your back is going to be slightly turned toward his face. Use his knee for leverage as you rock, roll or bounce up and down.

5. Hot Hula

In the Hot Hula sex position your honey lies on his back with a pillow propped under his head. Facing him, lower yourself onto his member and put your hands and knees on either side of his torso. Once he’s deep inside you, gently swivel your hips from side to side and, if you want, all around.

6. Cowgirl

In the very popular Cowgirl sex position you kneel astride your partner and lean forward on his arms. Your partner simply lays on his back. You have much more control over depth and angle of penetration – a must-have for good g-spot stimulation.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

rear entry sex positions
Rear entry sex positions are good sex positions to help a woman orgasm because it allows for direct clitoral stimulation and penetration simultaneously. While some rear entry positions lose some of the intimacy of the CAT and woman on top positions, ( hello doggy style) they can leave a woman’s hands-free for exploring her body and allow for deeper penetration than the other positions. You can touch and play with your body and clitoris while in many of these positions, which gives you control of your orgasm in the same way you would if you were masturbating. Here are some rear entry sex positions to consider:

7. Backup Boogie

In the Backup Boogie sex position, your partner lies on his back, his legs straight out in front of him, a pillow under his head so he can watch the action. You straddle him with your head facing his feet. With your hands on the floor for support, you back up onto his penis. He holds your upper thighs or butt tightly while you thrust.

8. Bulldog

This variation of the Doggy Style sex position is pretty straightforward; you’re on all fours with your legs closed, while your partner crouches behind you holding on to your bottom or sides. Although Bulldog is popular with most men, some women may be put off because the position lacks face to face contact. However, there are many women who are just as big of fans of the position as their men.

9. Booster Seat

The secret to executing a successful Booster Seat is to get (and keep) the right momentum; although, it does help if the guy has arms powerful enough to make it happen. This rear entry sex position is also ideal for anal, and is intense and physically exerting. You will look as though you’re sitting in a chair, but in reality, you’re being held up at the waist by your partner. You use the structure under your feet for balance although you are also free to bear some of your own weight (this’ll take part of the strain off of your honey); however, it requires a couch or bed that’s low enough to do so.

10. Hang Ten

Now the Hang Ten sex position is a personal favorite of mine. There’s nothing better then being bent over with your man in you all nice, tight and snug. To begin, stand up and bend forward with your legs spread slightly, keep your back straight, and rest your hands on your knees for balance. Have your guy enter you from behind, pulling himself as close to you as possible while holding your torso for support. Then, have him bring you even closer until your bodies come into full contact. Have him lean slightly over you to gain more pumping power.

11. Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars is a rear entry sex position with your guy on top but facing your feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. You lie face-down on the bed and have your guy lay on top of them. As the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the your dude’s body (i.e. pointing downwards) care should be taken to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

12. Mover and Shaker

A personal favorite of mine, Mover and Shaker will definitely get things moving and shaking. Lie facedown on top of a washing machine, with your feet flat on the floor (if you’re short, try standing on a phone book). Have your guy stand facing your behind, between your legs. Once you’re going at it, turn on the machine. Have him lean forward so that his thighs are pressed against you. The vibrations will rock through his entire body.

13. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound variation of Doggy Style is called such because of the closeness of both partners to the floor. The position is straightforward; you get on all fours with your guy holding on to your bottom or sides. Because of the low position, your rear is pushed right back, while your guy’s knees are placed on either side of your buttocks. The low position requires a degree of flexibility in both partners’ hips and may not be comfortable for many, but for those who are flexible enough to pull it off the effort is definitely worth it!

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling with having a vaginal orgasm these positions are a good place to start to see if you can make that happen. Heck, even if you’re having orgasms via intercourse then these positions are great to add variety to your sex life. These 13 sex positions give you plenty options to explore.

Do you think these sex positions will help women orgasm? Which one of these positions is your favorite? Which one these positions would you like to add to your sexual repertoire? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

The Sex Bucket List: 30 Sexy Things to Do Before You Die

sex bucket list

What’s On Your Sex Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list? What about a sex bucket list? We are often so focused on the goals we want to accomplish and the places we want to see before we die, we forget about some of the sexy things we may like to accomplish before we leave this earth. There is plenty in life to experience and they don’t all involve being clothed.

Now some of you may look at this list and think: “I did all this. Last Wednesday.” Well, this list isn’t for you. It’s more for those who are a little more straight-laced in their sex lives and looking to spice things up a bit. For you extra freaky types, I’ll have something for you later. With that said, here’s the Sex Bucket List: 30 things sexy things to do before you die.

1. Have a threesome
2. Have a threesome with the opposite sex (so if you did it first with 2 girls and a guy, try 2 guys and a girl)
3. Have sex in the rain
4. Have sex on the hood of a car
5. Take a stripper aerobics class
6. Swallow
7. Perform a striptease for you significant other
8. Have your significant other perform a striptease for you
9. Pose nude
10. Take some naughty pics of someone
11. Have someone take naughty pics of you
12. Make a movie
13. Have anal sex
14. Go streaking
15. Have sex on the beach
16. Tie someone up with blindfolds
17. Get tied up with blindfolds
18. Go to a lingerie party
19. Use sex toys with your partner
20. Get spanked
21. Then do some spanking
22. Join the Mile High Club
23. Go to a strip club (male or female)
24. Have Skype sex
25. Have phone sex
26. Have sex in a club/bar bathroom
27. Have sex on a bus/subway
28. Have sex in a cab
29. Watch someone else having sex
30. Try a new sex position every day for 30 days

So what does your sex bucket list look like? What would you add or subtract from the list? Sound off in  the comments to let us know.

10 LELO Vibrators We Love and So Will You

Best LELO VibratorsTop 10 LELO Vibrators

LELO is the retailer of luxury sexual products. They’ve continually expanded their product line to include pleasure objects that are both functional and beautiful and made with the highest quality materials. Luxury isn’t just for cars and handbags. You get what you pay for applies to your pleasure toys as well.

LELO has made it their mission to bring high levels of design and luxury to the most intimate of objects. Their toys may cost more than the average, but they are well worth as they bring beauty, luxury, safety and top of the line functionality to an industry that often had and in many cases still has very little of either. With that in mind, we decided to list the LELO vibrators we love the most. It was hard work, but we managed to narrow the list down to these nine.

9. LELO Elise 2 Traditional Vibrator

LELO ELise 2

Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Price: $170.66
The Elise 2 has 100% more powerful vibrations than the original model. It’s packaged within a more sturdy matte black case and a luxurious black outer box which acts as excellent long-term storage. Inside, the toy itself is held in foam casing with the power cord and documentation held under a small flap.

There are 10 power variations of the vibrator using the ‘ ‘ and ‘-‘ buttons. If you’re not careful you can end up skipping past the 10 speeds. It can be difficult to distinguish between the different vibrations in the lower power modes. For best results, the higher power modes yield the best and most intense vibrations.

Elise has an excellent rumble that feels great as you massage your vulva. You get a real sense of its power, particularly on the higher settings. While the lower settings don’t yield the same level of intensity, they are great when easing down after the post orgasmic haze. Unless you’re quite wet when using the

Unless you’re quite wet when using the Elise, a little lube is useful as the silicone can catch somewhat on insertion. All in all LELO Elise 2 is a luxurious, high-quality vibrator designed to be appreciated for its beauty (in the form of general adoration and stroking) as well as it’s ability to pleasure.

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8. LELO Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator

lelo gigi 2

Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Price: $119.00
Review: Gigi 2 is the latest model of the bestselling GIG g-spot vibrator by LELO. GIGI 2 comes with amazing enhancements over the original GiGi which was the best reviewed pleasure toy ever. Featuring it’s signature flattened tip perfect for exploring the vulvua, its new upgrades include even softer silicone, a fully waterproof design and a 100% increase in power. Sacrificing none of its discretion and class, the 8 different vibration patterns will lead you into a cloud of ecstasy, where the intensities of pleasure become impossible to describe.

LELO Gigi 2 is designed for targeted g-spot pleasure and its sculpted tip offers unparalleled sensations. It’s 100% more power increase from the original GiGi is delivered across 8 modes that increases from a low rumble to full on power you wouldn’t expect from such a discreet toy. Take pleasure to its peak for up to 2 hours at a time and best of all the GiGi 2 is now fully waterproof.

You can now enjoy the pleasure the GIGi 2 delivers in the bath or shower making clean up even easier than before. Rechargeable, whisper quiet and travel ready, fully lockable with discreet, satisfying vibrations as well as being body safe (Ultra smooth FDA approved Silicone.) and comfortable, the GiGi 2 from LELO is one toy that qualifies as a must have addition to any sex toy collection.

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7. LELO Iris G-Spot Vibrator


Price: $134.00
Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: Iris by LELO is an amazing pleasure toy, beautiful in appearance but still powerful and able to take you the highest of highs. With two individually operated motors, that operate in harmony, providing deep and sensual vibrations. The intuitive dial control is responsive to the slightest touch and facilitates the exact level of intensity you want, while the ergonomically designed body stays in intimate contact with your most sensitive of spots.

Ultimately the LELO Iris is a strong dual motor vibrator developed for internal and outside use. It is one of LELO’s most powerful toys, but still manages to be feminine and easy on the eyes like so many of LELO’s pleasure objects. Tapered to fit snugly inside the vagina, the petal ridges on the base incorporate extra sensations when used internally. It is made from body-safe medical grade silicone, which gets hotter to match the temperature of the body. It can feel just a little cold initially, so warm up your hands first before use. It is a fantastic toy to use as it never fails to deliver an amazing orgasm.

It is made from body-safe medical grade silicone, which gets hotter to match the temperature of the body. It can feel just a little cold initially, so warm up your hands first before use. It is a fantastic toy to use as it never fails to deliver an amazing orgasm.

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6. LELO Lily Personal Massager


Price: $129.99
[s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: Oh my goodness, how do I even begin to explain the sheer awesomeness of this amazing yet small sex toy? The Lelo Lily is a magnificent vibrator that has been made with sole purpose of stimulating the the clitoris. The very first thing you will find about the Lily when you open it, is its very pretty and fancy packaging that comes with it. I simply loved unwrapping it from the box. It comes wrapped in soft tissue paper, and as you unwrap it you understand without a doubt, that there is going to be something wonderful and decadent waiting inside for you.

The Lelo Lily has five stimulation modes and ten distinct speeds. I found that the lower speeds are much too weak for my liking, as they barely supply anywhere near enough stimulation. The top few speeds, however are the some of the most pleasurable you experience from any toy. The Lily is ergonomically designed to fit nicely to your lady

The Lily is ergonomically designed to fit nicely to your lady pars. The LILY is easy to use, rechargeable and exceedingly quiet. While the LELO Lily is an excellent toy, those needing internal stimulation, or a stronger vibration, will find it lacking. With that said you’re not likely to find a better clitoral vibrator on the market.

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5. LELO Liv 2 Vibrator

LELO Liv 2

Price: $119.00
: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: The Lelo Liv 2 is a pleasure object that is wonderfully elegant, sophisticated, and sleek. The shaft is constructed of seam-free medical grade silicone and Like all Lelo products, the Liv 2 screams sophistication. Even the packaging is stylish and is perfect for long-term storage. The Liv 2 lives up to first impressions and isn’t just pretty pleasure object, but a real pleasure to manage as well.

Double the vibrations means double the power for Liv 2, but it still manages to be whisper quiet, affording you the discreetness your desire while enjoying its intimate pleasures. Styled into a beautiful curve to hit all of your hotspots as well as magnify your orgasms, LIV 2 has long been reviewed as the go-to vibrator for those who want simplicity and power and guaranteed satisfaction in their toys. Liv 2 has 8 adjustable vibration modes that are unique to all LELO products. You can actually change the speed and intensity of any vibration mode, adjusting each to suit your personal taste.

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4. LELO Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator

lelo mia 2

Price: $69.00
Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: Discover the new and improved Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator with USB Charging. Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator is available in three different colors: Black, Petal Pink and Deep Rose. The Mia from LELO is a truly innovative vibrator that effortlessly taps into a readily available power source and masquerades as a thumb drive.

Unique among her peers, MIA is the perfect gift for individuals and couples who are new to the vibe, or those who revel in responding to that immediate impulse, whenever the moment feels right. Now fully waterproof with 100% more vibration strength than before, MIA 2 gives simple control over 6 thrilling vibration patterns. With its discreet appearance, and power that belies its size, Mia 2 is the perfect vibrator for nearly everyone: newbie, experienced and couples.

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3. LELO Nea Personal Massager


Price: $89.00
Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: LELO Nea, the modest sister of Lily, is a slight and ornate pleasure object with a porcelain-like finish and deceptively powerful purr. Decorating the glossy exterior, pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch, are delicate floral motifs reminiscent of the Belle Epoque. Ergonomically designed to accommodate all those special places, Nea is handy, rechargeable and exceedingly quiet.

Its 10 speeds of vibration, from extremely low to relatively high, and the additional 4 pulsation patterns, gives you multiple ways to customize the LELO Nea  to your liking. It is so quiet, despite the power it packs. You could be in the same room with a person, using the Nea, and they wouldn’t even know what you were doing, that’s how quiet it is.

While it is quite powerful for its size, it isn’t one of the more powerful clitoral vibrators on the market, something to keep in mind if power is your go-to requirement for your sex toys. With its 10 speeds to choose, I am certain you will be able to find a level that works for you. For its size, Nea does an excellent job and you won’t be disappointed.

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2. LELO Tor 2 Couples Cock Ring

LELO Tor 2

Price: $119.00
Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
: LELO Tor 2 is the world’s first waterproof, rechargeable couples cock ring. It boasts 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind. LELO’s original Tor was already the premium couples’ ring on the market, but now LELO’s designers have improved performance even further. Worn by a man when making love, the smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes, bringing a long-lasting presence to him and amazing sensations for her. The fully-waterproof design also features an easy-to-use control interface and 6 stimulation modes, always delivering the most thrilling sensations during bedroom play.

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1. LELO Mona Wave

LELO Mona Wave

Price: $139.00
Rating: [s3r star=4.6/5]
Review: Mona Wave G-Spot Vibrator with a perfectly contoured form. Mona 2 is the upgraded version of LELO’s popular full-feeling G-Spot vibrator, now with 100% increased vibration power alongside fully-waterproof versatility. Made with smooth, body- safe silicone, Mona 2 boasts six powerful stimulation modes and curves in all the right places.

No other G-Spot massager offers a comparable presence to Mona 2, always delivering the most satisfying experiences within. As with all Pleasure Objects by LELO, MONA Wave is designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise.

The shaft/insertable part of this toy is constructed of the silky smooth silicone which isn’t an attraction of ungodly strength for dust and cat hair, and feels wonderful against your skin, offers nearly no drag of Lelo. In addition to most of that it has all the characteristics we adore about silicone: easy to clean, non porous, and body safe.

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Which of these LELO vibrators do you like the most? Do you already own a LELO vibe? If so which one, and what do you like about it? Sound Off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Also, don’t forget to share the article on social media to keep the conversation going.

How to Control Your Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

Deep Throating Penis

Stop Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

Your gag reflex can be a problem when performing oral sex, and it is definitely a problem if you ever try to deep throat a penis. The only real way to stop gag reflex is to practice…well…not gagging. The most fun way to practice not gagging is on your honey’s penis. However, you can substitute a banana, a pickle or even your finger and get the same results.

1. Lubricate the Penis Well

A well-lubricated penis slides better than a non-lubricated one. The easiest and most pleasurable way to do this is to perform oral sex for a minute or two until the penis is good and moist.

2. Align Your Throat and His Penis

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and your throat and the penis are properly aligned. The best way to accomplish this is to have your honey lie on his back and you lie on your stomach alongside him.

3. Slide the Penis Into Your Mouth Slowly

You can either do this yourself or have him slide his penis into your mouth – emphasis on slowly. Continue to slide the penis into your mouth until you feel your gag reflex kick in. If he is the one doing the sliding be sure to let him know that you’ve reached a point where you need him to stop or you will gag.

4. Hold in Place

Hold his penis in position for as long as you again. Once you feel like you can’t hold it anymore let go and take a break. Relax.

5. Repeat steps 1 – 4

You only become good at things when you practice. So keep at it ’till you’re only gagging if you want to, not because you can’t help it. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it may take you a few attempts to get over your gagging issues. I’m sure your boyfriend won’t mind that you want to have his penis in your mouth as often as possible.

Option 2: Use a Deep Throat Spray

If you’d like to skip the work and get right down to the no gagging, then using an oral sex spray is the option for you. Oral sex sprays are often flavored numbing agents that, when sprayed, numb your throat muscles and make it’s super easy to perform oral sex or deep throat a penis. That’s it. All of the skill and none of the work. Here are the three best-selling oral sex sprays at Sex Toy Goddess:

1. Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray
2. GoodHead Deep Throat Spray
3. Frozen Deep Throat Spray

Final Thoughts

You’ll notice that after each session you’ll be able to hold his penis in place longer and longer until your gag reflex isn’t an issue at all. However, don’t try to do this too many times in one day, this is something that you should do over time. Too many time sin one day you could make yourself sick and possibly cause you to vomit, and vomiting is definitely NOT sexy – so take your time. And remember to have fun! That’s what it is all about anyway.

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5 Fun Penis Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

5 Penis Facts

5 Fun Penis Facts

Penises are awesome. Not as awesome as vaginas, but pretty damn awesome nonetheless. However, for must of us ladies, they are still a bit of a mystery. So to demystify the male member we looked at five fun facts you may not have known about your man’s favorite body part.

1. It’s Not As Big As You Think

According to major condom manufacturers, only six percent of men need extra large condoms. So all those guys running around with magnums in their pocket are likely lying. Though I must admit I’ve had uh…some contact with a few of those six percent.

2. It’s Really Not as Big As You Think

The average size of the erect penis is 5.1 inches and 4.8 inches in girth so says a so says the study most trusted by a urologist. I guess that’s why only six percent of the male population needs extra large condoms. So for those of you who like big ones, that pre-sex make-out is even more important.

3. Alcohol and Erections Don’t Mix

Don’t let your man get too drunk when you’re out and about if you’re looking to have some fun later. Apparently, it takes only three and a half drinks for a 150-pound man to knock his man parts out for the night. If you have a bigger fella he can likely drink more and still perform, but why risk it? Two drink maximum honey. Two drink maximum.

4. Blue Balls. It’s a Thing

Blue Balls really exist. It occurs when blood gets trapped in the testicles. When he says there is only one way to relieve it, he’s right…sort of. Turns out his doctor will tell him that a warm shower or aspirin will do the trick. So when you tell him to handle it himself, there’s absolutely no reason to feel bad.

5. The Darker the Penis. The More You Masturbate.

Ever wondered why penises tend to be darker than the bodies they’re attached to? Well on a base level it’s just part of the sexual maturation process. On a more interesting level it’s based on how often a man handles his lil’ man. The more he masturbates, the darker his penis will be. Now when you see a man naked, you’ll be able to gauge just how much “self-love’ he’s engaging in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. I’m a big fan of the self-love.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, five fun penis facts. Which one of these did you already know? Which one of these caught you by surprise? Discuss below and go find your honey or close male friend and tell him what you’ve learned today.

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How to Deep Throat a Penis: A 7 Step Guide

Deep Throating

7 Steps to Deep Throating a Penis

So you think your man is the bees-knees and you want to show him just how awesome you think he is by swallowing his penis whole. Or maybe you just want to add a new trick to your sexual arsenal and upgrade your oral sex skills.

Either way, deep throating a penis will make any man profess undying love and put a ring on it super happy and satisfied. Remember deep throating is all about getting past your gag reflex, so practice – practice – practice. And remember this isn’t for everybody, so don’t feel pressured to do it if it is not your thing.

1. Start slowly

Slowly taking in as much of the penis as you can. Going a little further each time so he really feels the difference of how deep you can go and you can gauge when your gag reflex kicks in. Each time you go down hold the position for as long as you can, increasing the time with every swallowing.

2. Suck and suck some more

Suck and hold onto him with the pressure of your lips before quickly pulling off. And repeat. This will involve coming off him completely before going back to him and changing the speed of this will make him feel good. And it will continue to train your gag reflex – making it easier to deep throat him.

3. Keep your neck and throat aligned

This will make the penis slide into your throat easier. Try lying on the bed with your head hanging over the side. This position can take some getting used to, but it is a great way to get the penis slide in with relative ease. Also, movement of the tongue is more limited the deeper you go. Don’t be worried if you can’t move much with your tongue, but enjoy the movement you can make on the areas of his shaft you can reach and use the tongue to get the penis to slide down your throat, by making various gulping movements

4. Play with temperature changes

Add temperature changes by either softly blowing cool air or breathing on him. This can be something to do before you start deep throating, just around his shaft. However, another way of exciting him is to go deeper as you keep your mouth as open as possible breathing heavily as you move. It works as the same vibrations would – so talking or humming would also work. The different shapes and noises you make with your mouth give various, awesome, feelings to your guy.

5. Use your lips like vice-grip

Whilst deep throating clamp your lips around his base. And suck slowly as you retreat up towards his tip. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up going deep with paying attention to his tip and other areas. As much as he may like you going deep, make a big deal about coming completely off him before you go down again. You can do this by opening your mouth wide on the way down and then sucking tightly with your lips pressed against him and suck your lips all the way back up to the top. It draws out the pleasure for him and gives you time to think about your next move and relax your jaws.

6. Gulp

Gulp while you’re very deep. Throat vibrations do a lot of good and it will affect all of him because he is so far inside of you.

7. Breathe

It’s easy to forget you still need to take in air when you have a mouth full of penis. The last thing you want to do is really gag on his penis…porn star tricks aside. Keep that air coming and going out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Your seven step guide to deep throating a penis. Follow the steps and practice (practice, practice) and you’ll be swallowing your guy whole in no time. Don’t forget to share this post on Twitter and Facebook so others can better their oral skills too.

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5 Fun Vagina Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Vagina Facts

5 Fun Vagina Facts

Vaginas are awesome. That’s right I said they’re AWESOME. Adam may have been created first, but God got it right when he made Eve and her lady bits. But even though the vagina is super awesome, for many, it’s still shrouded in mystery. How much do you really know about your lady bits? For many, I bet the answer is not much. So here are five fun vagina facts that show the awesomeness of your lady bits.

1. The vagina is like a sock – or balloon.


While only 3 to 4 inches long it can expand up to 200% when aroused (or to pop out a baby). So for you ladies who only like Big Ones, your kitty cat will expand to fit your man just fine and if doesn’t do so naturally, you can use dilators to expand your lady parts. No need for painful sex or small penises.

2. Pubic hair has a biological function.

Vagina Facts

I told you I’d never wax. Contrary to what the beauty and porn industry tell you your lady bits are covered with fuzz for a reason. First, it acts as the first round of STD protection for your vajayjay. Second, it serves as a reproductive billboard to alert potential mates that you are biologically ready to procreate. And last, it’s a pheromone port that traps the scents that lead potential mates to the promised land. Touchdown!

3. God liked the lady bits more than the male bits.

GodWhile the head of the penis has 4000 nerve endings, the vagina has 8000. More never endings equal more pleasure, so ladies thank God for your vagina AND your multiple orgasms. And if you’re not having multiple orgasms, read this.

4. Vaginas and sharks have something in common.


Both contain squalene, a substance that naturally exists in sharks’ livers and one that exists in the vagina’s natural lubricant. It’s one of several substances that prepare the vagina for sex and (hopefully) a good time. That’s not a bad thing for the vagina to have it common with sharks, it could have been shark’s four row of teeth. Ouch.

5. Your vagina can ejaculate (or squirt) just like a man’s.

Penis Facts

There is quite a bit of debate on just how many women are capable of female ejaculation with some estimates saying only ten percent of women are capable of doing so. So don’t feel bad if you’re not capable of ejaculating.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, five fun facts about your vagina. It’s good to know the glorious secrets of your lady bits. Contrary to popular believe the vagina is not inferior to the more revered penis. Anything that can deliver babies and give its owner multiple orgasms deserves respect and celebration. So give you vagina a little self-love today to let her know you care and appreciate her and all her wonderfulness.

No Bald Coochies: Why I Will Never Wax


Why I Will Never Wax

I’m a proud member of the No Bald Coochies social club.

Our mission statement is simple: We, adult women of the No Bald Coochies social club, believe women should look like women and not pre-pubescent girls. We believe adults should be appropriately hairy and unless we embark on careers as actresses, models or porn stars there is no reason for any of us to subject ourselves to the barbaric practice of pouring hot wax on our lady parts and having the hair ripped out to achieve some ideal of beauty and cleanliness that has been completely manufactured by the beauty industry, perpetuated by men who watch too much porn and ultimately act as another system of control on women’s bodies.

Okay maybe our mission statement isn’t that simple, but you get the point. Waxing is a no, no and I can’t believe how what was once regulated to models, actresses, and yes porn stars has become a “normal” part of the grooming regime for so many women.

In college, I was working on a show, and one of my crew mentioned she shaved her lady parts bald. The rest of the female crew was shocked. Who the hell did that? Fast forward ten years and you have grown men telling women they aren’t worth sleeping with if their lady parts aren’t waxed bald.

Huh? You can’t sex a woman now or at the very least perform oral sex on a woman unless her lady parts resemble my six-year-olds? I’m sorry that ish ain’t normal, and I refuse to participate. And what’s more interesting are all the excuses men (and women) offer to explain the necessity of waxing:

  • Excuse: Well it’s more hygienic than having hair
    Reality: False, hair is more hygienic. It acts as the first line of defense against many diseases, helps prevent chaffing, locks in moisture, etc.
  • Excuse: It means a woman takes care of herself
    Reality: So unless I’m willing to torture myself with hot wax or other exfoliating methods I don’t take care of myself? Yeah. Get out of here with that.
  • Excuse: Well it makes oral sex easier. Hair gets in your teeth.
    Reality: Get a toothpick Negro. For generations men have survived eating the box when it was covered in foliage. Now 21st century Negros can’t make it happen? It’s not like hairy balls are the best thing to have in your mouth either, but a girl does what a girl has to do. Man Up. And get with the hair-gram.

And please spare me the preference argument. This “preference” didn’t start to manifest itself until the proliferation of Internet porn begin in the late 90’s. Prior to this most men outside of certain industries would have never seen a bald coochie, so they wouldn’t have known to prefer one.

Internet porn has done a number on us from the inability to know what real women’s bodies look like (breasts really don’t do that, even the perkiest ones have a little hang to them) to what constitutes normal sex (cumming on my face is NOT an appropriate sexual request) and realizing that waxing is NOT normal or even desired for many women.

Somewhere in the last ten plus years we’ve completely lost all sense of what’s normal where women’s bodies are concerned and then take these unrealistic, abnormal expectations and add them to the already long list of things women must do to land, keep, and please a man. Well, I say enough is enough and my line in the sand begins with my bikini line. Neat is one thing. Bald is another.

And for all the men who say, “Well that’s fine, but i wouldn’t sleep with you or give you head if your girl wasn’t waxed.” I say to you, that’s fine ’cause what one fella won’t do, others gladly will.

7 Things You Need to Know About the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal (Update)

Cruz Sex Scandal

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Who’s Up for a Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?

If you’re not on Twitter (seriously you should be) then you missed the hashtag bomb heard around the world:


That’s right Mr. Evangelical God Appointed The Only One Who Can Stop Trump Himself has apparently not been keeping Lil’ Cruz to himself. And not just one sordid affair, but many. Let’s dive into to what we know as of right now :

1. The National Enquirer is Spilling the Beans

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal

Yes, that National Enquirer. The one who gave us John Edwards, Jesse Jackson and Tiger Woods affairs have released an expose saying that Cruz is being investigated for affairs with at least five women. Yes FIVE. Lord only knows how Ted Cruz convinced five (six including his wife) is beyond me:

“Private detectives are digging into at least five affairs Ted Cruz supposedly had,” claimed a Washington insider. “The leaked details are an attempt to destroy what’s left of his White House campaign!” The ENQUIRER reports that Cruz’s claimed mistresses include a foxy political consultant and a high-placed D.C. attorney!

Seems like dude isn’t as pious as he’d like everyone to beleive. He already admitted he didn’t tithe like he should. Looks like he doesn’t respect his marriage vows like he should either. Now the Enquirer didn’t show the images of Cruz’s accused mistresses, leaving them a mystery. Well, that was until Twitter for a hold of the article, and that brings me to point two.

2. Two of Ted Cruz’s Alleged Mistresses Worked For His Rivals

ted cruz mistresses

Katrina Pierson and Sarah Isgur Flores (Left and right) work(ed) for the Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina campaigns respectively. Katrina Pierson is Ddonald Trump’s current spokesperson. And Flores was Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager. . Talk about keeping your enemies close.

The other alleged mistress that’s been indentified is Amanda Carpenter, a current CNN contributor and one time Ted Cruz communications director. She’s a total Ted Cruz homer, who has spent most of her considerable time on Twitter recently bashing Donal Trump. As of this writing, she’s been missing from Twitter for 21 hours.

Oh and Katrina Pierson has set her Instagram to private:

Katrina Pierson Cruz Sex ScandalPic Credit www.conservativeoutfitters.com

3. It May Be More Than A Sex Scandal


A Super Pac associated with Ted Cruz mysteriously gave Carly Fiorina’s campaign $500,000 and got the attention of the FEC:

The unexplained manner in which Carly Fiorina got her hands on half a million dollars of another candidate’s money this summer has now graduated from being an internet curiosity to becoming a legal matter, as the Federal Election Commission has begun an inquiry into where the money really came from and why. It’s the latest scandal to surface in the Fiorina camp after her rise in the polls began this month, and this one may go beyond a mere problem of perception.

It’s a legit question. Why would a Ted Cruz affiliated Super Pac give half a million dollars to their rivals campaign? Sends up a lot of red flags, some I’m sure will be looked into further as this scandal develops.

4. This Isn’t A New Story. It’s Been Brewing For Months.

Breibart News

Turns out his has been an open secret for a minute. Back in Fabuary Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari hinted at the possibility of a Ted Cruz sex scandal dropping soon:

Today he expressed displeasure at not having been the first one to report the story:

It’s being speculated that former Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro had a hand in killing the story.

5. Marco Rubio’s Campaign Was Planning On Releasing the News

Marco Rubio

While Breibart had the information back in March. It’s beleive that Marco Rubio’s Campaign  knew all about the alleged affairs as well and was waiting for Rubio to win Florida before they released it:

Seems like “The Thing” wasn’t so important once it was clear that Rubio wasn’t going to win this thing. Outing Cruz meant hello Republican Presidential nominee Donal Trump. And no one wants that, especially Little Marco.

6. A Washington Times Reporter Confirms The Story

Washington Times

It’s not just the National Enquirer who has thrown their had into the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal ring. Drew Johnson of the Washing Times confirmed on Twitter late last night that the Enquirer got two of the alleged mistresses right:

This was after hinting that the Trump campaign would be leaking a major Cruz bombshell 24 hours after Rubio exited the race:

While that didn’t happen, here we sit, not quite two weeks later with #CruzSexScandal trending on Twitter.

7. If the Cruz Sex Scandal Is Confirmed His Campaign Is Over

The End

And this may be why the MSM has a total black out of the story. No one. And I mean NO ONE is touch it. #CruzSexScandal has been trending on Twitter since last night and yet not a peep out of anyone. Not even “liberal” media. The closest to mainstream reporting has come from a short article on Gawker. That’s it.

And in this world of the 24 hour new cycle where no scandal is too small, to have nary a peep from any major news outlet is quite telling. No one wants to hand Trump the nomination, and it they even report on this story they know that’s the end result. What a mess. What a glorious GLORIOUS mess.

And there you have it. Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about a sex scandal you can’t even beleive is real. Okay. Maybe I’m projecting with that last bit, but come on…who saw Ted Cruz being able to get laid by anyone but his wife, and heck it’s clear she can’t beleive she’s had sex with him either .

Stay tuned. As the story continues to unfold we’ll keep you posted. No matter how hard the MSM may be trying, I don’t this one is going to go away anytime soon.

8. Update: Katrina Pierson and Ben Shapiro Speak

And the plot thickens….

9. Update: Ted Cruz Speaks

I like how it’s just a Facebook post. No press conference or anything like that. By regulating it to a social media post, it shows they are not taking this too seriously (I’m referring to the optics not what they really might feel behind the scenes). Well played Cruz. Though I’m not sure it’s going to be enough.

And one more thing: Folk on Twitter are starting to refer to the scandal as the “Cuban Mistress Crisis.” Well played Twitter. Well played.

One more, one more thing: I like how he blames Trump. Blame Trump is apparently the new Black Obama.

10. Update: The Sun in the UK has Picked the Story Up

Though still nothing from the US MSM:

Shocking claims American presidential hopeful Ted Cruz had extramarital affairs with FIVE women

It involves Donald Trump’s Republican rival Ted Cruz and rumours he has had extramarital affairs with five women.

The claims were published by the National Enquirer and the hashtag #CruzSexScandal began trending almost as soon as the magazine hit the shops.

It reports the mistresses “include a foxy political consultant and a high-placed D.C. attorney . . . even a wild sex worker makes the cut”.

11. Update: I Spoke Too Soon


12. Update: And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

A CNN debate between a Donald Trump supporter and former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter went off the rails Friday when the Trump supporter suddenly accused Carpenter of having an illicit affair with her former boss.

And we have officially gone to crazy town. You can read the whole piece here.

13. Update: The Trump Has Spoken

I have to admit, this is a really, really good response. I’m actually impressed. He manages to not fan the flames and get a consistent dig in all at the same time. Absolute perfection.  Put a fork in Cruz. He’s done.

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