Erotic Instructions

For the ladies who like control and the fellas who like it warm and wet, Riding the South Face is the position for you. The best part of this position, outside of the obvious, is the accessibility to all of your erogenous zones it offers. You will feel sensations all over if your honey is really making it work. Just have him lie back on the bed, while you mount his face while facing his body. Just remember that he needs to breathe!

Why You’ll Love It

Its your show. It’s a very intimate way to receive oral sex, leaving you fully exposed and in total control of your pleasure. He can’t miss in this position. The Big O is all but guaranteed.

Tips and Tricks

You have plenty of control in this position, so the angle and depth and speed of the penetration is all on you. Try arching your spine, leaning forward or back, tilting the hips, and raising or lowering the body t add variety to the move. And for those who really want to get their “ride” on try gyrating the hips as you would if you were on his penis. And if you want to reward your honey for doing a good job, just reach down and give him some hand action, he’ll love you for it!

Other Cunnilingus Sex Positions





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