Will Charges against Kandi Burrus’ Ex-Fiance Ashley “A.J.” Jewell’s Attacker be Dropped?


Well, Kandi Burrus’ ex fiance Ashley “A.J.” Jewell may not have been beaten to death after all. Reports are now surfacing that it could have been A.J’s sickle cell anemia that caused his death.

Fulton County Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Kelly Rose has revealed that preliminary autopsy results led her to believe that AJ, who died two weeks ago after a brawl in the parking lot of an Atlanta strip club, suffered from the life long blood disorder that inhibits oxygen flow to tissues in the body.

“…It’s most likely that Jewell was worked up from the fight — and because of his condition, it’s probable that he couldn’t replenish the oxygen he lost during the incident … which the Dr. says could have fatal consequences.”

Well, the possibility of A.J. dying because of complications of sickle cell anemia opens a big can of worms.

First, the idea that he wasn’t beaten so badly that he died jibes with the reports that he was walking and talking immediately after the fight and Kandi Burrus’ saying that his body didn’t look damaged when she saw went to identify the body.

Next, I’m sure Fredrick Richardson’s attorney is having a field day with this new bit of information.

He initially argued his client shouldn’t be held because the cause of death hadn’t been determined. While the judge rejected that reasoning it seems Richardson’s attorney was right. If the Sickle Cell Anemia cause of death holds up it begs the question will the judge give Richardson bail at his upcoming Oct. 20 hearing and will his attorney push to have the charges against him dropped.


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