Ashley “A.J.” Jewell Killed Over a Dispute Regarding Ownership of Body Tap?

There is a lot of speculation on why the fight took place to begin with. The current story seems to be that Ashely “A.J” Jewell was in a dispute with the former owner of the Body Tap Ms. Veronica M. Jones:

Our source stated that Ms. Jones and Ashley Jewell were in an ongoing dispute over how he acquired the club from her and apparently she was not happy with the terms of that acquisition. We were told that Mr. Jewell purchased the club for a million dollars and the deal was supposed to have been completed last week but that there were issues as to the terms of the agreement.

Our source stated that Ms. Jones’s husband Cornbread and his “goons” ambushed Mr. Jewell in the parking lot upon his arrival and allegedly Fredrick Richardson delivered the fatal blow.

What was not reported anywhere else is the fact that AJ didn’t want Fredrick Richardson to work in the club since he assumed ownership and it had nothing to do with him being romantically involved with original club owner Veronica M. Jones according to our sources. Aj was very much in love with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress and having a romantic relationship with Ms. Jones was far fetch according to our sources. In fact, AJ really didn’t want Veronica Jones around The Body Tap Strip Club but went along with it because she held the liquor license to the club stated our well placed source.


I doubt we’ll ever fully know what happened.

But the question now is what happens to Jewell’s portion of Body Tap? If the deal wasn’t finalized, how does that work where his heirs are concerned? What happens to the million he apprently put up for the purchase? If he was jumped do other men get charged as well?

Lots of questions.

So few answers.

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  1. Emma Jackson 8 years ago

    I don’t think we will really know what happen there, probably street hood staff.
    We will see what the police will have to say after the investigation.
    Until then, R.I.P Ashley “AJ” Jewell

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