Tupac has a Sex Tape?

Tupac Sex Tape

There May Be A Tupac Sex tape

Let’s put aside for a moment the absolutely ludicrous idea that a Tupac sex tape even exists considering the man has been dead 15 years and focus on the idea that someone would deem it necessary to make it viewable to the world.  Here is what the tape purportedly shows:

A 1991 video of Tupac receiving oral at a house party full of groupies is about to hit the market. Allegedly he is also rapping along to his own music, dancing, drinking a cocktail, smoking a blunt, and holding down a convo with the dude from Digital Underground all while getting blown

Call me crazy but if you’re doing all of that during oral sex are you even enjoying it? Haven’t you just become desensitized to the whole thing? It’s like you’re getting a BJ just ’cause you can, not because you really want one or because you’re really into it. What do you think?

Now, back to the ludicrous notion that Tupac has a sex tape that’s coming out 15 years after his death. What the hell? Did someone just discover this sucker while rummaging through some old video? And is there really a market for this? And who is releasing the tape? TMZ is short on details about that part of all of this craziness.

My opinion is that we truly have no respect for the dead and this “sex tape” is best left in the box it was found in. With that said, will any of you be checking for the Tupac sex tape?





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