French Women Protest Media’s Handling of Strauss-Khan Scandal

Contrary to what the French media has been reporting, everyone is not shocked and dismayed with the way the U.S. has handle former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan’s attempted rape case. Many French women are actually appalled with the way their media and government are handling things. This past Sunday these women took to the streets and wrote op-ed pieces to show just how displeased they are:

Three French feminist groups -– Osez Le Féminisme, La Barbe, and Paroles de Femmes -– decided to take action and wrote an op-ed piece that was published in many French newspapers, denouncing such sexist reactions.

Here’s a partial translation by the Sydney Morning Herald:

For a week, we have been stunned by the daily surge of misogynistic remarks by public figures, widely broadcast on our televisions, radios, in the workplace and on social networks. We are angry, disgusted and outraged. We don’t know what happened in New York last Saturday but we know what has been happening in France for the last week.

The piece went on to say that these remarks clearly showed the impunity that reigns in France when it comes to public expressions of sexism.

These words tend to minimize the seriousness of rape, they tend to place it in a gray, more or less acceptable area, a sort of slip. They send a simple message to victims of rape – current and future ones: “Don’t press charges”. We want to remind everyone: rape and attempted rape are crimes.

Amen French women. If I heard one more elite Frenchmen pontificate on the U.S.’ handling of the case or how Strauss Khan would NEVER do such a thing (with all the evidence to the contrary) I’d puke. I get that the elite (particularly) the French elite are practically untouchable, but how many times does a man have to attack women before those around him, at the very least, call him on his incredibly vile and illegal behaviour.

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